School of Economics, Management etc.

Dean of Study: Prof. B.Panda


Dean: Prof. B.Panda
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The School is known for  its (i) vibrant academic culture created and sustained by the mosaic  of experienced and young  faculty drawn  from different parts of the country  and the opportunity of working in a multicultural environment, (ii) an overt  teaching pedagogy principally grounded on the imperative of  balancing theory and practice and  (iii) the ambience of teaching and research on different subjects calibrated and qualified by  contemporariness, relevance and job requirements of the students.

Each department under the school has its thrust areas of teaching and research. However, areas in which the school has established its primacy at the national level include Economics of North Eastern Region of India, Rural and Labour Economics, Public Economics and Local Finances, Environmental and Resource Economics, Sub-regional Economics, Accounting & Finance,  Entrepreneurship & Small Business, Micro-Finance and Rural Credit Management, Information Technology and Social Marketing, Supply Chain Management, Hospitality and Tourism Studies, Sustainable Tourism, Agri and Food Marketing; Food Biotechnology, Knowledge Organisation, Information Storage and Retrieval, Application of Management Concepts and Management Principles in Libraries and Information Centres, Information/Knowledge Management, Information Management, Film Studies and  Culture & Media Studies.  Faculty members of the school, in addition to teaching and research, regularly provide crucial policy support to the central, state and local governments on issues and programmes of transformative development. The school is preparing seriously to anchor itself as a converged centre for sub-regional studies  and consultancy in areas of economic policy and management.

The School of Economics, Management etc. comprises these 7 departments