Dr. Tilok Thakuria

Designation: Associate Professor

Department: History and Archaeology

Area of specialization: 

  1. Proto-Historic Archaeology,
  2. Early Iron Age technology and archaeology of India
  3. Early Historic Urbanisation of eastern India
  4. Ethno-archaeology
  5. Archaeology and Cultural Studies of Northeast India


  • Dr. Maliti Nagar Award of Ethnoarchaeology for the research on “An Ethno-archaeological study of Shell fishing and Lime manufacturing technique at Manikapatana, Orissa, India” by Indian Society of Pre-History and Quaternary Studies, at Lucknow 2010.
  • Junior Research Fellowship in 2007 by  Indian Council of Historical Research, New Delhi for the Project “Society and Economy during Early Iron Age and Early Historic period in Deccan with special reference to Beads (1000 B.C to 500 A.D.).

Academic Affiliation

  1. Life member of Indian Society for Prehistory and Quaternary Studies,
  2. Life member of North East India History Association
  3. Life member of International Association for Asian Heritage
  4. Life member of European Society for Art and Archaeology 


1. In English (Book)

  • 2019 (edited, with B L. Malla) Rock Art Heritage of Northeast India, IGNCA, New Delhi
  • 2019 (edited) Perspectives on Material Culture in Northeast India, Lakshmi Publisher, New Delhi
  • 2016    (with R. K. Mohanty) Indian beads: History and technology, Infinity Foundation and Indus University.

2. Articles

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3. in Assames

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4. Conference papers

  1. International: 10
  2. National/Regional/Invited Lectures: 68

Field Experience

a. Excavations and Exploration

  1. Excavation at the Prehistoric site of Mishimagre, West Garo Hills, Meghalaya in 2017.
  2. Exploration at Dima-Hasao for Stone Jars in 2014 along with Archaeological Survey of India, Guwahati Circle
  3. Exploration at Dima-Hasao for Stone Jars in 2016 along with Archaeological Survey of India, Guwahati Circle
  4. Explorations and Documentation of Stone Jars at Dima-Hasao in 2020 on the invitation of Department of Culture, Autonomous Council, Dima-Hasao

b. As In-Charge and Supervisor of Explorations and Excavations

  1.  Participated in Excavation at Ambari (Assam) under Dr. Hari Chandra Mohanto of Dibrugarh         University in 1998- 1999
  2. Participated in Excavation at Kahale-Brahamapur (Maharashtra )under Dr. S.R. Walimbe of Deccan college, Pune in 2001-2002
  3. Participated in Excavation at Moregaon (Maharashtra) Under Dr. S. G. Deo and Dr. Sheila Misra of Deccan College, Pune in 2001-2002
  4. Trench supervisor in Excavation at Mahurjhari (Maharashtra), a project of Dr. R. K. Mohanty of Deccan College in 2003-2004
  5. An active member of the team in Megalithic Stone Circle reconstruction project in IGRMS at Bhopal under Dr. R. K. Mohanty in 2004.
  6. Trench supervisor in Excavation at Sisupalgarh (Orissa), a project of Dr. Monica Smith of University of California, USA and Dr. R. K. Mohanty of Deccan College, Pune in 2004- 05
  7. In- charge of Exploration and Pottery sorting work at Mahurjhari, a project of Dr. R. K. Mohanty, Deccan College, Pune from 9th to 25th Sep 2005
  8. Trench supervisor in Excavation at Sisupalgarh (Orissa), a project of Dr. Monica Smith of University of California, USA and Dr. R. K. Mohanty of Deccan College, Pune in 2005-06
  9. Trench supervisor in Excavation at Sisupalgarh (Orissa), a project of Dr. Monica Smith of University of California, USA and Dr. R. K. Mohanty of Deccan College, Pune in 2006-07
  10. Participated as supervisor in Excavation at Bhadravati, Chandarpur District, Maharashtra, A project by Nagpur University, Nagpur and State Department of Archeology, Maharashtra in 2007
  11. Participated in the excavations at Kanmer, Gujarat, A project of J. Kharakwal of Udaipur Vidypith, Rajasthan, Y.S. Rawat of Gujarat State Department of Archaeology, Gujarat and T. Osada of Research Institute for Humanity and Nature, Kyoto, Japan.
  12. Trench supervisor in Excavation at Sisupalgarh (Orissa), a project of Dr. Monica Smith of University of California, USA and Dr. R. K. Mohanty of Deccan College, Pune in 2007-08
  13. Participated in the excavations at Sisupalgarh, (Orissa), a project of Dr. Monica Smith of University of California, USA and Dr. R. K. Mohanty of Deccan College, Pune in 2008-09
  14. Participated in Excavation at Pattanam, a project of Kerala Council for Historical Research, in 2009
  15. Participated in the excavations at Junnar (Maharashtra), a project of Dr. S. Jadav of Deccan College, Pune in 2009
  16. Participate in Excavation at Manikapatana, Orissa, A project of Dr. R. k. Mohanty and Dr. P.P Joglekar of Deccan College, Pune in 2010
  17. Participated in Excavation at Golobai Sasan (Odisha, a project of Dr. R. K. Mohanty and Dr. P.P Joglekar of Deccan College, Pune in 2011
  18. Participated in the excavations at Talapada (Odisha), a project of Dr. Monica Smith of University of California, USA and Dr. R. K. Mohanty of Deccan College, Pune in 2011
  19. Participated in the excavations and exploration at Mimi (Nagaland), a project of Dr. Tiatoshi Jamir, Nagaland University, in 2014

Seminar Organised

Organised 3 National Seminars

  1. Rock Art of Northeast India: Theoretical and Methodological Issues, in Collaboration
    with IGNCA, New Delhi in 2017
  2. Prospectives in Material Culture of Northeast India, in Collaboration with ICHR, New
    Delhi, in 2018
  3. Archaeology of Northeast India: Prospect and Retrospect, in collaboration with IGRMS,
    Bhopal, in 2019

Acedemic Foreign Tour

  1. Visited Institute of Archaeology, London on invitation from 14th to 23 rd September 2015 2. Visited Laos PDR on invitation to participate UNSCO conference on World Heritage of Stone Jars of Laos 2015
  2. Visited University of Kelaniya, Colombo, Srilanka in 2015
  3. Visited Cardiff University, UK in 2016
  4. Visited Laos PDR for archaeological tour in 2017
  5. Visited France to attend the Meeting of “Megaliths of the World” in 2019