Prof. Jyotirmoy Prodhani

Designation: Professor

Department: English


MA (Univ. of Poona, Pune), PhD (NEHU, Shillong)


Performance Studies, Translation, Cultural and Ethnic Studies, Northeast Literature

Research Supervision:

PhD Degree Awarded

  • Dr. Lucy R. Marak. (2013) Myth and Archetypes in Garo Folk Narratives: A Select Study
  • Dr. Barbara S. Sangma (2013) A.chik (Garo) Theatre: A Case for Indian Folk Theatre
  • Dr. Gopal Ch. Barman (2015) Emerging Dalit Identity in Indian Literature: A Select Study of Five Autobiographies          
  • Dr. (Fr) Alex Mathew (2015) Revisiting Partition Literature: A Study of Khuswant Singh, Chaman Nahal and Bhisham Sahni
  • Dr. Subhash Ch. Das. (2018)  History, Myth, Violence and Hopw: A Critical Study of the Select Plays of Ratan Thiyam


  • President, North India East Association for Human Sciences (NEIAHS), Guwahati
  • Life Member, Forum on Contemporary Theory (FCT),  Baroda
  • Life Member, Asom Sahitya Sabha, Guwhati
  • Member, North East Writers’ Forum (NEWF), Guwahati


Major Publications


  1. Madhupur Bahudur Translation of Assamese short stories by Sheelabhadra. New Delhi: Sahitya Akademi, 2016 ISBN 978-81-260-4065- 0
  2. Culture, Ethnicity and Identity: A Reader. Co edited by J. Prodhani & R.S. Thakur. Guwahati: DVS Publishers. 2014 ISBN 978-81-86367-77-9.
  3. Creativity and Conflict in the Plays of Sam Shepard, Authors Press, New Delhi, 2012 ISBN 978-81-7273-611-8
  4. Akbar-Birbal and the Stories of River Nile by Sarat Mahanta. Tr. Jyotirmoy Prodhani. Bhabani Books, Guwahati. 2012 ISBN 978-93-82624-06-6

Papers in Journals and e Journals

  • Prodhani. J, (2019) “Unipolar Food Paradigm: Questioning the Metanarrative of Food Fundamentalism in  India”. Man and Society: A Journal of North-East Studies. Vol. XV, Summer  2019. Pp 7-30. ISSN2229-4058.
  • (2017) “Cosmopolitanism and the Narratives of North East”. GUNEIS Journal (Annual Interdisciplinary Journal of Gauhati University North East India Studies), Vol IV 2017.  Pp1-14.  ISSN 2347-2669.
  • (2017) “Cycle of Violence and Ratan Thiyam’s Chakravuya: A Gerardian Reading”. Man and Society: A Journal of North-East Studies. Vol. XIV, Winter 2017. Pp 71-80. ISSN2229-4058.  (Co- authored with S.C. Das)
  • (2016 ) “Critical Theory is most useful when it is critical’ An Interview with Simon  Gikandi’.  Journal of Contemporary Thought, Vol. 43 Summer 2016 (published in 2017) Pp 135- 145. ISSN 0971 4731
  •  (2015) “Poetry from India’s North East: The Contemporary Voices”. GUNEIS Journal         (Annual Interdisciplinary Journal of Gauhati University North East India Studies), 2nd Issue, 2015, Pp 1-9. ISSN 2347-2669.
  •  (2012) “Resonance of Identity in Rajbanshi Poetry” in The NEHU Journal, Vol. X No. 1  January, 2012, ISSN 0972-8406, Pp 41-55
  •  (2012) “Ethnicity in Contemporary Assamese Writings” in Man and Society,, Vol. IX, Winter, 2012. ISSN22294058, Pp. 146-153
  •  (2011) “Colonizing Imagination: Hollywood and the Decentered Artists in Sam  Shepard’s True West”. Source: Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, Vol 1. No.1, 2011.   ISSN 2250 0642,Pp 7-15
  •  (2010) “Arrogating the Postmodern: Off off Broadway and Sam Shepard” in Protocol:  Journal of Translation, Creative and Critical Writings, Vol. IV, No. 1 & 2, Spring & Winter, 2010, ISSN 0973 9807 , Pp 55-66
  •  (2015) “I call my theatre as the Theater of the Earth” An Interview with H. Kanhailal. Online Literary Journal, NEZine. 20 Nov., 2015
  •  (2009) An Imaginary Haven-Madhupur or Macondo: Reaching out to Sheelabhadra’s World in Creative Saplings /Sheelbhadrapaper.doc ISSN 0974  536X2007, 2009.

Papers Published as Book Chapters

  1. (2019) “Translating Theatre: Anxiety of Dramatic Narrative as a Text and a  Performance” Narrative Cultures and Textual Traditions of North-East India (A collection of  essays in honour  of  Prof. Kailash C. Baral) Edited by Arzuman Ara, Dhurjjati Sarma and Bhaskar Gogoi. Purvayan Books, Guwahati.
  2. (2019) “Longing for the Lung-ta: The Abiding Echo of Tibetan Collapse and the Loss of Home in Kaushik Barua’s Windhorse”. in Writing from India’s North-East: Recovering the Small Voices Ed. Dwijen Sharma. Jaipur: Aadi Publishers, 2019. Pp 159-177. ISBN 978-93-87799-14-1.
  3.  (2018)  “Interlinkages and the Cosmopolitan Spaces in the Narratives of India’s North East” in Cosmopolian Spaces: Indian Literature and Counterpoints of Modernity. Ed.   Malashri Lal. New Delhi: Sahitya Akademi. Pp 1856-198. ISBN9789386771612.
  4.  (2016) “Negotiating the ‘Fatalities of Existence’: Rajbanshi Poetry and the Contours of Memory” in Living the Postcolonial: Indian Literature in Perspective. Ed. Srideep Mukherjee. Netaji Subhash Open University and Gangchil Publications: Kolkata. ISBN 978-93-84002-93-0  pp 264-285
  5.  (2016) “Politics of Performance: The Changing Ethos of Sites and Obsessions for Enactments” in Perspectives in Cultural Studies. Eds. Debarshi Prasad Nath & Parasmoni Dutta. Guwahati: Purbanchal Prakash. Pp 96-105
  6.  (2014) “Introduction” in Culture, Ethnicity and Identity: A Reader. Co edited by J. Prodhani & R.S. Thakur. Guwahati: DVS Publishers. 2014 ISBN 978-81-86367-77-9.
  7.  (2014) “Rituals of Eschatalogy and the Anxiety of God: Locating Meaning in the  Outskirts  of Agrahara”.Indian Fiction in Translation: Issues and Explorations. Ed. Dwijen Sharma.Guwahati: M.R. Publications, 2014 ISBN978-81-924953-5-4, Pp 53-67.
  8.  (2014) “Globalization and Post Ethnicity” in Globalization and Ethnic Identity Eds. Henry Lalmawizuala and V. Lalmalsawmi.Guwahati: Scientific Book Centre. ISBN 9788128700040, Pp  66-76
  9.  (2013) “Singing the Nation: Songs of Pratima Pratima Barua Pandey” in Society, Representations and Textuality: The Critical Interface. Ed. Sukalpa Bhattacharjee. Sage     Publications, New Delhi. 2013, ISBN 9788132109532.
  10.  (2013) “Tagore and the Rajbanshi Narrative”. Endeavour. Ed. Tanuj Kumar Dey  Lala: Research and Publication Cell, Lala College, 2013. ISBN9788192402774, Pp 178-190
  11.  (2012) “Folklore and the Mass Media: Experiences from the Fences of an Unknown Village” in Lokasanskritir Subash. Ed.Dr. D. Bhakat Centre for Ethnic Studies and Research(CESR), Golakganj, 2012, ISBN 13-978-81-910859-8-3.
  12.  (2012) “The Liminal Identity: Acts of Reconfiguration and Distillation of the Native Consciousness in Rajbanashi Poetry” in Ethics and Identity: Contemporary Indo-English    Poetry Eds. Capt. Arvind M. Nawale, Dr. Smita Jha and Dr. Anindita Chatterjee. New Delhi:    Authors Press, 2012. ISBN 978-81-7273-654-5. Pp 102-119.


Book Reviews

  1. Book Review on A Full Night’s Thievery: Stories  by Mitra Phukan. Speaking Tiger, New Delhi, 2016. Published in Man and Society Vol. XIV, Summer, 2017.
  2. Book Review on S.T. Ngaihte’s Identity and Politics in Manipur. Mittal Publications, New Delhi, 2013. in The NEHU Journal, Vol. XII No. 1 January-June 2014, ISSN 0972-8406, Pp 110-113.
  3. Book Review on Ethnic-Life World in North East- An Analysis by P. Biswas and C. Suklaviadyain Protocol: JTCCW Vol. II& III Spring & winter, 2008/2009 ISSN 0973 9807 Pp 175-179

Other Literary Articles

  1. “Theatre of the Earth” in Canvas, the Sunday supplement of The Shillong Times,27 July, 2014, Shillong.
  2. “Princess of Goalpariya Folk Songs, in Seven Sisters Post, Guwahati, on 27 December, 2012.
  3. “Rajmata Maharani Gayatri Devi” (pp 10-11) Saatsaki Vol V Golakganj: BrihattarGolakganj Beshma UdjapanSamiti, 2010
  4. “Pratima Barua Pandey: The Elephant Damsel of Folklores” (p 35-39) Meghashree. Tura: Tura Rongali Bihu Sanmilani, 2011
  5. “Saliencies of Emerging Sounds: Rajbanshi Poetry and the Idioms of Identity” Bodhidroom. Ed. Nirmal Koch, Borkona:Borkona Kali Dham,2012 (pp 82-86)
  6. “Koch Rajbanshi Movement and the Postdevelopment Paradigm” Bodhidroom, Ed. Nirmal Koch, Borkona: Borkona Kali Dham, 2011

Other Publications: OP-ED Special Articles

  1. “Can We Make Rabindra Jayanti Culturally Inclusive?” in The Shillong Times,6 May, 2019 Shillong. culturally
  2. “The Spectre of Hindu Bangladeshi” in The Shillong Times,5 April, 2018.     
  3. “The Trump Tremor: The President of the Forgotten People”  in The Shillong Times,17November, 2016.    
  4. “The Cow is a Four Footed Domestic Animal” in The Shillong Times,14 June 2014
  5. “Don Bosco Desecration, Intellectual Response and the Act of Otherisation”, Shillong Times, Shillong 15 Sept., 2015
  6. “Golpara has its Own Identity: History Never Lies in The Shillong Times, Shillong on 27, October, 2014.
  7. “Ulfa Peace Talks: The Assam Story”in Seven Sisters Post, Guwahati, on 22 July, 2012
  8. “Ulfa Peace Talks: The Assam Story (II)” in Seven Sisters Post, Guwahati, on 23 July, 2012.
  9. “Provincialisation Act and Social Justice” in Seven Sisters Post, Guwahati, on 7 March, 2013.

Papers presented in National/International Seminars

  1. Plenary Talk on ‘Present Shock’ and the Visual Realms of Singular Immensities” in the National Seminar on Contesting the Site of Sights: The Discourse of Visual Media Cultures With Special Reference to Northeast India 10-11, June, 2019. Organized by  the Dept. of ELE and the Dept. of JMC, EFLU, Shillong
  2. Presented the Plenary Talk titled, “Sifung, Sharati, Banhi: The Songs of Dr. Bhupen Hazarika and the Ethos of the Northeast” in the International Conference on Performing the Nation: Memory and Desire in Contemporary Literature, organised by PG Dept of English, Berhampore University, Odisha on 8-9 February, 2019.
  3. “Orality and Identity: Pratima Barua and her Landscape” in the International Seminar on  Orality: The Quest for Meaning , organised  by the Dept, of English, Bodoland University, Kokrajhar, BTC, Assam on 26th & 27th May, 2016
  4. “The Bengal Renaissance and the Anxieties of Modernism in Assam” in the International Conference on Humanities and Social Sciences (ICHUSO 2015) at Khon Kaen University, Bangkok, Thailand on 26-27 November, 2015.
  5. “Politics of Performance: The Changing Ethos of Sites and Obsessions for Enactments” 
    In International Seminar on Cultural Studies: Global and Local Perspectives Dept. of Cultural Studies, Tezpur University. 7-9 February, 2015.
  6. “Distillation of Memory, Distorted Identity and Impertives of Retrieval: Trajectories of Reclamation with special reference to the Kamatapur Agenda of the Koch Rajbanshis”
    In the International Seminar on Cultures of Memory:Mnemocultural Praxis in South, South East and Other Asian Counties at EFLU, Shillong in collaboration with ICSSRNERC, ICSSR, CIL, MAKAIAS on 7-9 November 2013
  7. “Reclaiming Identity Against the Narrative of Applied History: Questioning the Veracity of  Nationhood” In the International  Seminar on Constructing Identity: Local and Global” at Shillong organised by FCT Baroda in collaboration with MS University, Baroda, CIEFL, Shillong, Louisiana State University, Shreveport, USA on 15-18 December, 2002.
  8. “Search for Space: The Crucified Artist  Amidst Cultural Terrorism in Sam Shepard’s Plays”
    In the International Conferene of MELUS-India held at Indo-American Centre for International Studies at Hyderabad, 8-10 January 2000.

Papers and Presentations in the National Seminars

  1. Delivered Keynote address at the National Seminar on  Indigenous Voices in Assamese Fiction, organised by Department of Assamese, Assam University, Diphu Campus. 13-14 March, 2018.
  2. Discussant in “Translating and Publishing Contemporary Indian Drama: Challenges and Opportunities” in the National Seminar on Translating Contemporary Indian Drama. Organised by Sahitya Akademi, NEHU Shillong, 30 Sept/ 2017.
  3.  “Cosmopolitanism in the Narratives of the North East” in the National Seminar on English Literature from North East India, organised by GU Institute of North East Studies, Gauhati University. Om 25 March, 2017.
  4. “Interlinkages and the Cosmopolitan Spaces in the Narratives in India’s North East”, National Seminar on “Cosmopolitan Spaces:Indian Literature and Counterpoints of Modernity” in National Seminar by Sahitya Akademi at Christ University, Bangalore, 3 and 4 Nov., 2016.
  5. “Visiting Sheelabhadra as a Reader and a Translator: Encountering the Urban Folklorist”.
    National Seminar on Regionalism in the Writing of Sheelabhadra and Thomas Hardy: A   Discourse beyond Region. Organised by the Dept. of Assamese, PB College, Gauripur, Assam on 20th & 21st March, 2015.
  6. “Politics of Performance: The Changing Ethos of Sites and Obsessions for Enactments” In International Seminar on Cultural Studies: Global and Local Perspectives Dept. of Cultural Studies, Tezpur University. 7-9 February, 2015.
  7. As Resource Person in the National Seminar on Teaching of English and Development of Language and Communication Skills at the Higher Secondary and Degree Levels: Hurdles and Exit Routes. 12th & 13th March, 2015, organized by the Department of English, P.B. College, Gauripur, Assam.
  8. “The Perpetual Postponement of Postethnic Interface: The Abandoned Final Plans for NE India”  National Seminar on Imaging and Imagining the North-East: Discourses on North-Eastern Literature, Culture, Creativity and CriticismDept of English, Tripura University with support from the North-East Writers? Forum. ON August 22nd and 23rd, 2014.
  9. “The Modernity Project of India and its Anxieties: Jati, Jan-Jati and the Ambivalences of Jansampada” in the National Seminar on Theory Today: Jati, Jan Jati and Jansampad. Organised by the Shillong Campus of the English and Foreign Languages University in collaboration with Forum on Contemporary Theory (FCT), Vododara and Central Institute of Indian Languages, Mysore) 8-9 August, 2014
  10. Delivered the 4th Thakur Panchanan Burma Memorial Lecture on “Trajectories of Memory and the Distillation of Ethnic Identity” organised by Centre for Studies in Local Languages and Culture (CSLLC), North Bengal University, Darjeeling, 14 February, 2014.
  11. “Distillation of Memory, Dislocated Identity and the Imperatives of Retrieval: Trajectories of Reclamation with special reference to the Kamatapur Agenda of the Koch Rajbongshis” in the International Seminar on Cultures of Memory: Mnemocultural Praxis in Southeast and other Asian Countries. Organised by EFL University Shillong Campus on 07-09 November 2013.
  12. “Emerging Sites of the Post-Ethnic Discourse: Countering the Meta-Ethnic” in the National Seminar on Globalisation and Ethnic Identity” Organized by Department of English & Philosophy, Pachhunga University College Aizawl: Mizoram in Collaboration with Directorate of Art & Culture, Govt of Mizoram on 23rd - 24th May, 2013.
  13. Participated as a translator in the Literary Translation Autumn School organised by Sahitya Akademi in collaboration with British Council, Delhi on 21st to 25th October 2013.
  14. “Emerging Sites of the Post-Ethnic Discourse: Countering the Meta-Ethnic” National Seminar on “GLOBALISATION and ETHNIC IDENTITY” Organized by Department of English & Philosophy, Pachhunga University College Aizawl: Mizoram in Collaboration with Directorate of Art & Culture, Govt of Mizoram on 23rd - 24th May, 2013
  15. “Dickens Construction of the Subaltern: Re-reading Great Expectations” in the National Seminar on Dickens and the Long 19th Century organized by Dept. of English, Visva Bharati, Shanti Niketan on 15 & 16 March, 2013.
  16. “Influence of Shankar Dev among the Rajbanshis in West Assam” in the National Seminar on  Cultural Mapping in Assam: Language, Performance and Society. Organised by Dept. of Cultural Studies, Tezpur University and CIIL, Mysore at Tezpur Univ. Tezpur, Assam on 14 to 17 February, 2012.
  17. “Rituals of Eschatology: Locating Meanings in the Outskirts of Agraharas” in the National Seminar on  Indian Writing in English and Marginalization. Organisd by Dept. of English, Goalpara College, Goalpara, in collaboration with UGC on 3& 4 February, 2012.
  18. “Caste and Class Polarities and the Discourse of Affirmative Action” in the National Seminar on  Caste, Democracy and Affirmative Policies in India. Organised by Dr.Ambedkar Study Centre, PB College, Gauripur, Assam, on 25 March, 2012.
  19. “North East Poetry Today” in the National Meet on North-Eastern and Southern Poetry Festival, organised by Sahitya Akademi at BharatiyaVidya Bhavan at Coimbatore on 25 & 26 February, 2012.
  20. “Failure of a Nation: Acts in History without the Language of its Own” in the National Seminar on North East India in Transition: Patterns of Changes and Transformations Since 1985 held at North Gauhati College, North Guwahati on 22-23 JUNE 2012.
  21. “Ethnic Movements and the Post Development Paradigms: Crisis of the Rajbanshi Consciousness” in the National Seminar on Social Exclusion and Inclusive Development in North East India: Challenges and Opportunities. Organised by North Gauhati College, Guwahati, Assam in collaboration with UGC on 10-11 June, 2011.
  22. “Tagore in Rajbanshi Literature”, in the National Seminar on Tagore in Translation: The North East India Perspective.Organised by Dept. of Cultural Studies, Tezpur Univ. in collaboration with Sahitya Akademi on 4 and 5 March, 2011.
  23. Resource Person at the International Seminar on Koch Rajbanshi Culture. Organised by Koch Rajbanshi Sahitya Sabha District Committee, Kokrajhar, BTAD, Assam Kokrajhar, 24 and 25 September, 2011.
  24. “Folklore and Mass Media” in the National Seminar on Study of Indian Folklore: An Interdisciplinary Study of North Eastern Folk Traditions. Organised by Chilarai College in collaboration with UGC on 3 and 4 September, 2010.
  25. “Pratima Barua Pandey: Queen of the Lost Lore” in the National Seminar on Society and Literature: Interdisciplinary Transactions. Organised by Dept. of English, NEHU, Shillong at ICSSRNERC, Shillong16, 17 & 18 March, 2010.

Other Invited Lectures and Chairing of Session

  1. Delivered Lecture on “Tibet and the North East” at Gauhati Univeristy Refresher Course (English) on 5 March, 2018.
  2. Delivered Lecture on “Tripura: Kokborok Language and Literature” at Gauhati Univeristy Refresher Course (English) on 4 March, 2018.
  3. Delivered Lecture on “Koch Rajbanshi Oral Litearature and Micro Writings” at Gauhati University Refresher Course (English) on 4 March, 2018.
  4. Delivered lectures in the Orientation Course at the ASC, Manipur University, Imphal, on Phonetics and Research in Humanities with Reference to the Literature from North East, on 30 and 31 March, 2017. 
  5. Delivered Extension Lecture on “North East Poetry” at the Dept. of Assamese, Gauhati University, Guwahati, on 23 March, 2015.
  6. Delivered lecture on Simulacra at the Refresher Course on 23 March, 2015 at NEHU, Shillong. 
  7. Delivered the 4th Thakur Panchanan Burma Memorial Lecture on “Trajectories of Memory and the Distillation of Ethnic Identity” organised by Centre for Studies in Local Languages and Culture (CSLLC), North Bengal University, Darjeeling, 14 February, 2014.
  8. Delivered extension lecture on Understanding Modernism at Women’s College, Shillong, on 7th October, 2014.
  9. Delivered lecture on Sam Shepard and Post modern Theatre and Hastir Kanya Pratima Barua Pandey in Philosophy of Literature: Language, Meaning and Ideology. 25 Feb  to 15 March, 2011. NEHU, Shilong  in Refresher Course at NEHU, Tura Campus.
  10. “North-East Poetry, Identity and Post Ethnicity”   and “Black Consciousness” in the RC on English and Comparative Literature and Language  at NEHU, Tura Campus from 6 May to 26 May, 2013.
  11. Sam Shepard and the Postmodern Theatre and on Hastir Kanya: Pratima Barua Pandey Dir. By Prabin Hazarika in the Refresher Course on Philosophy of Literature: Language, Meaning and Ideology UGC Refresher Course, NEHU, Shillong, 25 Feb to 15 March, 2011.
  12. “The Subaltern”, “Hegemony” and on “Visual Narrative”  in the Refresher Course in English and Comparative Literature 3rd to 23rd March, 2011 Depts. of English and Garo. UGC Refresher Course
  13. “Postmodernism” in the Orientation Course of the Dept. of Education, NEHU, Tura campus 29 March- 26 April, 2009.
  14. “North East Poetry” in the RC on Poetry Today at North Bengal University on 21 and 22 February, 2013.
  15. Chaired Meet the Author Session for noted writer Jahnavi Barua in the National Conference on Women’s Writings from the North East by Sahitya Akademi at NEHU, Shillong, organized by Sahitya Akademi on 10 November, 2015.
  16. Chaired the inaugural session and an academic session of the National Seminar on Koch Rajbongshi History and Culture, organised by Koch Rajbongshi Cultural Society,  Kokrajhar, Assam, held at New Delhi on 3rd Nov., 2014.