School of Humanities

Dean of Study: Prof. S.Dkhar


Prof. S.Dkhar
Tel : (0364) 272 - 3501 (O) 
Fax No: (0364) 2551722


The School of Humanities comprises departments of English, Garo, Hindi, Khasi, Linguistics and Philosophy. The Department of English with its main Campus in Shillong has campus departments at Tura. The Department of Garo is located in Tura. All other departments are in Shillong.

With the establishment of the Deparment of Hindi in 1996, students with Khasi, and Manipuri as their mother tongue/first language have enrolled in the post-graduate programme of the Department. Departments within the School draw upon each other for collaborative research work/guidance and teaching.

The School of Humanities teaches innovatives courses on Environment Education, Folk-lore of North-Eastern India, Tribal Culture and Tribal Religion, descritive grammar of the Tibeto-Burman and Austro-Asistic of North-Eastern India, women's writing, Indian Literature in Translation etc.

The School of Humanities comprises these departments: