Dr. Suranjana Choudhury

Designation: Assistant Professor

Department: English


M.A. (Assam University), MPhil( Jadavpur University), PhD(Calcutta University)

Areas of Interest/Specialization: Women’s Studies, Partition Literature, Fiction Studies, South Asian Writing

Experience: 11 Years


  • Received the short-term research grant from Charles Wallace India Trust to visit the British Library, London (2022-23)

Academic affiliations  

  • Member of Indian Association of Women Studies
  • Member of Comparative Literature Association of India


  • A Reading of Violence in Partition Stories from Bengal, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, United Kingdom, 2020
  • Choudhury, S, Sengupta, N., editors, (2022). Understanding Women’s Experiences of Displacement: Literature and Culture in South Asia. Routledge, London, ISBN 978-0-367-478100


  1. “Politics of Nation and Community in Selected Partition Narratives” in  Bakshi Kaustav, Sengupta Samrat, Paul,Subhadeep (Eds) Anxieties, Influences and After: Critical Responses to Post colonialism and Neocolonialism Kolkata, Worldview Publications, 2009: 386-393
  2. “Secular Families: Communal Violence and the Question of Women’s Honour in Select Partition Narratives”  Contemporary Discourse: A Peer Reviewed International Journal, Vol.2 (1) ISSN 09763686,January 2011:130-135
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  7. Translated a short story “SurjasterPanshala” by Amitabha DevChoudhury in Humanities Underground  as “The Twilight Tavern” on 03.06.2015
  8. Co-authored an article with Dr Binayak Dutta  The forgotten partitions of Northeast India and its lingering legacies.
  9. Published a book review of Amitava Kumar’s The Lovers  in Café Dissesnsus on September, 2017
  10. Published a book review of  Jeet Thayil’s The Book of Chocolate Saints
  11. Published an article “Difficult Displacements, Lost Homes: Partition in Select Autobiographical Writings”  in Journal of Literature and Culture Studies(Vol V, Issue 1) June, 2018, ISSN 2348-1188(UGC Approved 64788)
  12. Co-edited a volume on “Women as the Displaced: The Context of South Asia” (Issue 44)
    https://cafedissensus.com/2018/05/05/contents-women-as-the-displaced-the-context-of-south-asia-issue-44/    ISSN 2373-177X
  13. Published an article “Tropes of Remembering Partition:  Unsettling Remnants in Select Narratives from Bengal” in The Heritage: Multilingual Research Journal on Indology (Vol IX, Issue-2) 2018, ISSN 2229-5399
  14. Published a book review of Sumana Roy’s Missing
  15. Published an article “Women and Road: Mapping different contestations in Mr.and Mrs. Iyer” in Literaria: Peer Reviewed Annual Print Journal of Literature and Culture of the Department of English, Gurucharan College (Volume VII, 2018-2019) ISSN: 2278 - 2710
  16. Co-edited a volume with Dr. Bhumika R  on “Politics and Poetics of the Everyday: Engaging with India’s Northeast” (Issue 53)
  17. Published a review article “>Animalia Indica: The Finest Animal Stories in Indian Literature edited by Sumana Roy” in Biblio: A Review of Books (January-March 2020 Issue)
  18. Translated Jhumur Pandey’s  “Manush Ekhono Bhugche” as “People still Suffer” in  a special issue on Women in Translation(ed.Nabanita Sengupta) in Setu: A Bilingual  and Peer-Reviewed Journal of Literature, Arts, and Culture (Pittsburgh, USA) in November 2020.
  19. “The Box , the Fish, and Lost Homes” in Migration and Society (Berghann Journals, New York) Special Issue “Recentering the South in Studies of Migration” [Vol 3 Issue 1], June 2020, Online ISSN: 2574-1314 Print ISSN: 2574-1306
  20. “Unsettling Remnants of displacement experience: Partition writing from Barak Vallley” in Anindita Ghoshal edited Revisiting Partition: Contestation, Narratives and Memories, Primus: New Delhi
  21. Choudhury, S., & Sengupta, S. (2021).  Introducing poems from north-eastern India. Sanglap: Journal of  Literary and Cultural Inquiry7(2), 173–196. 

Other Publications/Newspapers/ Webzines

  • Published an article “Marginal Men in a Marginal Place: Quiltmakers in Silchar” in Café Dissensus Webzine (ISSN 2373-177X) on January 31, 2017.
  • Published an article “ Silchar-Shillong Road: Tales between the Valley and the Hills” in Coldnoon: International Journal of Travel Writing and Travelling Culture Print & Online(ISSN 2278-9642 | EISSN 2278-9650) on March 18, 2017.
  • Published an article “The Partition fiction very few people read: The literature of displacement from Assam’s Barak Valley” in Scroll.in on March 25, 2017.
  • Published an article “Curious Contours of Time in a CIty”  in Elsewhere:  A Journal of Place, Berlin, Germany on February 7, 2018
  • Published an article  “Falguni and Silchar: the Tale of Ice Cream in a Small Town”  in Coldnoon: International Journal of Travel Writing and Travelling Culture Print & Online(ISSN 2278-9642 | EISSN 2278-9650) on February 20, 2018
  • Published an article “The Forgotten Khasi, Jaintia, Garo  War Labourers of World war I” in The Wire on September 10, 2018
  • Published an essay “Quarantined Words” in Platoscavesonline  (October, 2020)
  • https://platoscavesonline.wordpress.com/2020/10/10/quarantined-words-reflections-by-suranjana-choudhury/

Papers presented in Conferences/Seminars

  1. Participated in CSSSC-NRT Annual Workshop on Violence and Violation (for Doctoral and Post doctoral Scholars) at the Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Calcutta from November 4 to November 10, 2009
  2. Presented a paper entitled “Class Contestations and Partition Violence” in International Conference on Theory at Work  organized by Department of English Benaras Hindu University on 9 -11, November, 2010
  3. Presented a paper entitled “Violence Played out-Identifying the Lesser Players in Select Partition Narratives”in International Conference on Social Imagination in Comparative Perspective:
    Languages, Cultures and Literatures  organized by Comparative Literature Association of India and Central University of Gujarat on 3-6 March, 2011
  4. Presented a paper entitled“Questioning Female Agency in Bapsi Sidhwa’s Ice-Candy-Man” in the UGC National Seminar on Transposing Culture, Translating Texts: An Overview of Indian English Literature(s) Organized by Sarsuna College, Kolkata in collaboration with Sahitya Akademi, on 2-3rd February, 2012
  5. Presented a paper entitled“Restructuring Lives, Rebuilding families: Women as providers in select Partition narratives” in the International Conference on Recent Trends in Literature:  A Global Perspective organized by  Garden City College, Bangalore
  6. Coordinated a two day symposium Story Telling and Women Writers from North-East
  7. India organized by SahityaAkademi in collaboration with Department of English, NEHU on 9th and 10th November, 2015 in NEHU, Shillong
  8. Presented a paper entitled “The “Other” Chronicles of Displacement and Loss: Studying Partition Writings from Barak Valley” in International Conference Words, Words Words  The future of Literary Writing  organized by EFLU, Hyderabad on 25-27 November, 2015
  9. Delivered an invited lecture “Language Problems in Research Writing” on 22nd March, 2016 in a workshop on Research Methodology Course for PhD Students in Social Sciences organized by ICSSR-NERC from 14th to 23rd March, 2016
  10. Co-convened National Conference Reinterpretations of the Past: The Discourse of
  11. Cultural Identity in South Asia organized by the Department of English, NEHU, Shillong on 17th and 18th March, 2016
  12. Co-coordinated a film screening organized by the Research Forum, Department of English in collaboration with Shillong Forum for English Studies by the eminent filmmaker Mr Tarun Bhartiya  on 3rd June 2016  in the lecture room of the UGC-Human Resource Development Centre (HRDC)
  13. Co-coordinated a special lecture delivered by Ms Bijoya Sawain on Literature and the Construction of Identity organized by the Research Forum, Department of English in collaboration with ICSSR-NERC, Shillong on 8th June, 2016
  14. Co-coordinated a special lecture delivered by Prof Subir Dhar on Magic and Literature  organized by Research Forum, Department of English in collaboration with Shillong Forum for English Studies on 5th November, 2016
  15. Presented a paper entitled “Perpetuity and Multiplicity of ‘Displacement’ in Amitabha Dev Choudhury’s novels” in International Conference organized by Department of English, Assam University (Re)envisaging India's Northeast: Ethnicity, Identity, Culture, Literature  on 8-9 September 2016.
  16. Presented a paper “Women on the Road: Mapping ‘Road Narratives’ in some popular         Indian Cinema” in  XV National Conference on  Women’s  Studies in collaboration with University of Madras, Chennai from 22-25 January 2017.
  17. Presented a paper “Of ‘Displacement’ and its ‘Returns’: Partition Writings from Barak Valley” in National Seminar Revisiting Partition: concepts, dynamics and manifestations with special focus on north east India  organized by  Department of Humanities and Social Sciences Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati in association with Institute of Social Change and Regional Development (ISCARD)  on 9-11 February 2017.
  18. Coordinated a special lecture organized by Research Forum, Department of English by Dr. Binayak  Dutta to the PhD students on Colonial  History and Literature Interface
  19. Participated in a week long National Workshop  on Cinema and society: National workshop on film appreciation  15-20 May, 2017 organised   by Deaprtment of English, NEHU in collaboration with MKDF
  20. Presented a paper “Displacement and its remnants: A select study of partition memoirs from Bengal” in an international conference on Narratives of displacement held in University of London on 28-29 October, 2017
  21. Presented a paper “The Politics and poetics of gendered exile in Nirbashito” in  National conference on Humanities and Social Sciences(NCHSS-2017) organized by  department of Humanities and Social Science, NIT, Raipur on 26th November, 2017.
  22. Delivered an invited talk “Experiences of non-belonging: Reading select women memoirs from Bengal” in Two day international symposium on recent research trends in Gender Studies organized by the department of Humanities and Social Sciences, NIT, Meghalaya on 17-18 March, 2018
  23. Chaired a session in Two day international symposium on recent research trends in  Gender Studies organized by the department of Humanities and Social Sciences, NIT, Meghalaya on 17-18 March, 2018
  24. Co-coordinated Refresher Course on Literatures, Languages, Cultures: South Asia in Comparative Perspective organized by the Department of English in collaboration with UGC HRDC, NEHU from 19th March- 8th April, 2018
  25. Delivered an invited talk “The Image of Fallen Women in Literature” in UGC HRDC, NEHU coordinated short term course on Gender Sensitization, 9th October, 2018
  26. Presented a paper “Poetics and Politics of Displacement: Resonances in select poetry from India’s northeast” in National Seminar Cartographies of Diaspora and Displacements: Narratives of Expatriates and Poetics of Exile organised by Kristujayanthi College, Bangalore on 18th December, 2018
  27. Delivered an invited talk on “Literature in English from India’s Northeast: Major themes and Engagements” as part of a WEBINAR talk organized by the Department of English, Sarsuna College, Kolkata in collaboration with the Centre for Comparative Literature, Visva Bharati University, Santiniketan
  28. Delivered a plenary talk What recourse then, but to the map?’: Understanding ‘Partition’ in select writings from Barak Valley’ in a National Seminar Home And Beyond : Belonging, Unbelonging, Nostalgia organized by Santipur College, West Bengal on 25-26 February, 2019
  29. Presented a paper “Interconnected Past, Bordered Present:  Resonances of Partition in Select Bangla Memoirs” in an International Conference on South Asian Literature, Culture and Society organized by B.T.M College, Purulia, West Bengal on 27-28 February, 2019
  30. Delivered an invited talk as a resource person in a two-day Inter-College Students’ Workshop under RUSA programme, on 15th and 16th March 2019, entitled, The Art of Story-telling organized by Department of English, Women’s College, Shillong
  31. Delivered an invited talk “Partition Discourses in Folklore”  in Refresher Course in Folkloristics and Semiotics  organized by Department of Cultural and Creative Studies, NEHU in collaboration with UGC HRDC, NEHU on 27th March, 2019.
  32. Delivered a talk as a on “The ‘Home’ That Was: Food as the ‘Remembered’ in Women’s Partition-Memoirs From Bengal” at the International Conference on Food studies:“Culinary Evolutions”, organised by the London Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in London  on 22 August 2020.
  33. Delivered a talk as a Resource Person on TEQIP Sponsored Online International Conference on Interdisciplinary Interpretation of Literature (COIN-2020), organized by the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, National Institute of Technology Meghalaya (NIT Meghalaya) from 14th to 18th December 2020.Title of the talk presented on 15th December 2020 was Food, Memory, and Women’s Experiences in Partition Writings
  34. Delivered the  key note talk on “Partition and Literary Responses: Issues and Representations in India’s Northeast” in a National Seminar on Boundaries Beyond and After: Tracing the Contours of the Literature of Partition organized by Postgraduate Department of English & Centre for Research, Baselius College, Kottayam, Kerala on  5th and 6th February 2021.
  35. Delivered a talk as a resource person on “What Memes can do: Reading Kindness, Solace and Laughter during Lockdown” in a National Webinar organized by the department of English, Lingaraj College, Belgavi, Karnataka on the topic “Literature as Healing: Social Space to Mindscape” on 22nd June, 2021
  36. Delivered a talk as a resource person on “Literature for Netizens” in a National Webinar organised by Extension activity Cell in collaboration with IQAC , Janata College, Assam on 27th August, 2021
  37. Delivered a virtual talk for an add-on course on “Memory Studies” organized by the Department of English, Sophia College, Mumbai on 14th December 2021
  38. Delivered a virtual talk on the topic “Mary Wollstonecraft’s A Vindication of the Rights of Woman” on 23rd January, 2022 at Midnapore College(autonomous) affiliated to Vidyasagar University, West Bengal
  39. Delivered series of virtual lectures on “The Partition and the Pakistani English Novel” in the first week of June, 2022 on the course “South Asian Writings in English” at the Department of English, Jadavpur University