Dr. Fameline K. Marak

Garo Department (Tura Campus)

Designation: Associate Professor


M.A.(Sociology) & Ph.D. (NEHU)

Areas of Interest/Specialization: Traditional Poetry, Oral Literature, Modern Poetry, A?chik Folklore, Epic, Cultural studies

Experience: 22 years

Awards :

  • ‘Surojini Naidu Award’- All India Poetess Conference (awarded in Gulbarga Conference -2015)

Ph.D Awarded/Supervised:

(i) 2 awarded (Joint Supervised-2013&17), 1 awarded (Supervised 2018); (ii) 5 registered on-going research studies (supervised) 

Administrative responsibilities undertaken:

  • Warden, P.G. Girls’ Hostel (6yrs), NEHU, Tura Campus, Tura
  • Teacher In-charge of Dept. (2yrs. 6 months), NEHU,Tura Campus, Tura
  • Head of Dept. (3 terms continuing, 1:3),Dept. of Garo, NEHU, Tura Campus, Tura
  • PVC in-Charge during PVC’s /senior Professors’ out of station period for winter/summer vacations for days/weeks, NEHU, Tura Campus, Tura
  • Chairman, BPGS, BOS, Hostel Management, NEHU, Tura Campus, Tura
  • Teacher in-charge for Campus Conference Hall, NEHU, Tura Campus,Tura
  • Member for Campus Development & Beautification surroundings of the Dept, Admn. Building Block II, NEHU, Tura Campus
  • Teacher in-charge for academic tour programme to important educational and historical places in India / field studies to traditional remote villages in Garo Hills.
  • Member, Selection Committee for the Departmental Guest Lecturers-Garo/English/Education, Students’ Admission to M.A. and PhD. (Garo ), Depts. of Management/ English/Education, NEHU, Tura Campus, Tura
  • Member, Tura Central Library Committee, NEHU, Tura Campus, Tura
  • Member, Purchase Committee, NEHU, Tura Campus, Tura
  • Monitoring Committee Member, NEHU, Tura Campus to decide and select a vendor for xerox & coffee/tea for the Permanent Campus, NEHU, Tura
  • Member, Guest House Management Committee, NEHU, Tura Campus, Tura.
  • Chairperson, Local Marketing Survey Committee for Curtains/PA System for Conference Hall, NEHU, Tura Campus, Tura
  • Member of the Department for collecting materials to preserve the dying rituals/ folkways of the A·chiks traditional knowledge /skills/oral narratives from the various regions in the Garo Hills
  • Judge for Varsity Week Programme/ Mosaic (Dept. of Management) of the students in the university for the literary events, competition, poetry & essay writing, and music events etc.

Academic affiliations:

  • Member, BOS of the Depts. -Hindi/Linguistics/Philosophy, NEHU, Shillong
  • Member, School Board of Humanities, NEHU, Shillong
  • Member, Academic Council, NEHU, Shillong
  • Member, DRC in the Depts. Garo/English/Education & Management, Tura Campus
  • Member, Governing Body of Colleges –Phukan Memorial College, Tura Don Bosco College, Durama College, State Resource Centre, NEHU, Shillong (for two terms, 1:3)
  • NEHU Representative to Tura Don Bosco College, Tura Govt. College, Williamnagar Govt. College, Loyala College,Williamnagar, Acheng Rangmanpa College, Ampati Degree College, Tikkrilla College, Society for Promotion of Arts & Cultural Enrichment (SPACE),Govt. of Meghalaya, Art & Culture Dept. Tura.
  •  Member, NEHU Courts, Shillong as Head of Dept, NEHU, Tura Campus,
  •  Organized seminars/workshops/writers meets/ local authors meet with students/research scholars/faculty of Dept.,
  • Conducted remedial classes/special lecture sessions/talks by the experts in various fields of studies in literature/ linguistics/folk literature/folklore to the students and other interested candidates in the university to develop in their studies, evening summer school in traditional folk music and skills/techniques for on-going & passed out students of Dept./ interested local youths.,
  • Organized Meets with knowledgeable local elders/writers/authors/author’s family/relations/ friends/co-workers etc., eminent scholars/ subject experts to impart knowledge and idea for the young scholars
  • Organized exchange programme with other institutions/organizations -A·chik Literature Society, Tura, Nokma Council, Tura and other language family and  related to literature Departments e.g. English, Education, History & Archaeology, Linguistics, Boro Departments, Guwahati, Assam to gain knowledge in their studies.
  • Board Member to conduct the interview for the Post of Assistant Teacher, New Tura Secondary School,West Garo Hills
  • Organizing Member, UGC-ASC, NEHU, Refresher Course in English and Comparative Literature and Language, NEHU, Tura
  • Life member & Executive Member, A·chik Literature Society, ALS, Tura

Research Projects

  • “Bring out Children’s Books in Assamese, Bodo,Garo, Khasi, Manipuri and Mizo through Translation” carried out under Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts and ANWESHA, Guwahati, Assam (2010-12)
  • ““A Study on Identification of Local Dialects and Possibility of Developing  Special Primer for each Dialect”,(3 text books translation into Garo), carried out under Resource Centre, NEHU, Shillong , Meghalaya (2014-15)
  • “Compilation, Translation and Adaptation of Folktales of North East” carried out under North East Regional Institute of Education (NERIE), Umiam, Barapani, Meghalaya (2015-16)


(last three years 3 years)

  • “A·ko Doka Chiko Gina : A Poetical Perception of the Achik Creation Myth” in the proceedings of North East India History Association (NEIHA) in the 31st Session, 2010,  ISSN 2329-753X pp. 426-433
  •  “A·chik Guide the Spirit of Death to Better Life through Kabe A·chik Folk Song”, SOURCE Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences. Vol II,  Protocol  Journal of Translation, Creative and Critical Writings Vol. V & VI, No. 1&2 Spring & Winter, August -2012, ISSN:2250-0642, pp. 198-207
  • “Chugan: A ‘Dying’ oral Tradition”, Protocol  Journal of Translation, Creative and Critical Writings Vol. V & VI, No. 1&2 Spring & Winter, 2011-2012,  ISSN 0973 9807, pp.211-218
  • The Midong Kaa Ceremony, published by MRB Publishers (India), Guwahati, 2018, ISBN: 978-93-83403-13-4, pp. 1-100
  • Ten 10 poems (translation into Garo)of Dr. Lari Azad Poems : Heartbeats of India, Vol.3 published by All India Poetess Conference Delhi in 2018, pp.82-99

Papers presented in Conferences/Seminars:

  • Presented a paper on Karitango Stugipa A·chik Ma·gitchamni Gunrang”, in two days Annual Conference Cum Seminar on “Status of A·chik Women” oganised by ALS, Tura on 10th -11th Sept. 2010
  • Presented a paper on “A·ko Doka Chiko Gina: A Poetical Perception of the A·chik Creation Myth” in National seminar, XXXIst Annual Conference of NEIHA, North East India History Association on 14th -16th Feb. 2011, Tura
  • Presented a paper on “Ahaia: The Symbolic Gateway to the Wangala Festival”, National Seminar on “Semiotics and Folklore” organised by Dept. of Cultural and Creative Studies, NEHU, Shillong on 27th -28th Sept. 2011
  • Presented a paper on “Superstition and Dreams: Its Importance in the A·chik Folklife” in the Regional seminar on “Superstition in the Tribal Cultures of the North East : A Study of Myth and Reality” organized by Department of Arts & Culture, Govt. of  Meghalaya, on 3rd - 4th May, 2013
  • Presented a paper on “Life and Contribution of Mahatma  Karamchand Gandhi” in State Seminar to observe Gandhi Jayanti  at Asananggre, Rongram, Meghalaya organized State Resource Centre, NEHU, Shillong on 2nd October, 2013
  • Presented a paper on “A·siroka: The Beliefs and Practices of the A·chiks” in a National Conference /Workshop on “Garo Worldview” organised by Omeo Kumar Das Instituute of Social Change, Guwahati, Assam on 14th - 15th November, 2013
  • Presented a paper on “Tracing the A·chik Migration through Oral Tradition” in National Seminar on “Situating Tura Town from West Garo Hills” organized by Dept. of History & Archaeology and Dept. of Garo, NEHU, Tura in collaboration with A·chik Literature Society, Tura on 5th - 7th June, 2014.
  • Presented a paper entitled “Importance of Folklore in A·chik Literature” in a Seminar on Garo Literature organized by Tura Government College, Tura, Meghalaya on 1st Aug.2014
  • Presented a paper on “The Role of Phukan Nengminja in the Freedom Movement of India” in National Seminar on “The Role of Indigenous People in the Freedom Movement of India with special reference to Bengal, Bihar, Jharkand, Odisha and North-East Region” organized by The Asiatic Society, Kolkata on 19th – 21st November, 2014

Any other:

  • Member, Inspection team for various colleges - A·cheng Rangmanpa College, Mahendraganj, Nongrum College, Zekabari, Iaikyntiew College, Shillong
  •  Examination Duties attended as flying squad, External Invigilator in various colleges in Garo Hills
  • Resource Person in the Programme on Responsibility and Accountability for the Teachers /Career Guidance and Counseling for Students organized by Mount Penuel Sc. School Williamnagar, Meghalaya.