Prof. Sumarbin Umdor

Economics Department

Designation: Professor

Joined NEHU on



M.A, Ph. D (NEHU)

Teaching Experience:

  • Senior Lecturer, NEHU (2006-09)
  • Lecturer, NEHU (2003-06)               
  • Lecturer, St. Anthony’s College, (1997-2003)
  • Project Adviser, Social Economic Life Development Association (1999-2003)

Area of Interest

Microfinance/Participatory Development/ Rural Credit in Northeast India/Decentralized Planning/ Local Self Governments in Northeast India/ Livelihood in Upland Area of Northeast India/Evaluation Studies.

Academic affiliations

  • 2008 to date- Member of Indian Society of Agricultural Economics
  • 2006-Member of the Meghalaya Economic Development Council (MEDC), Government of Meghalaya.
  • 2006- Member of the Committee on Financial Sector Plan, Government   of Meghalaya.
  • 2007-to date Resource Person for Meghalaya Rural Development Society (MRDS), Government of Meghalaya
  • 2000-2002- Member of Executive Committee of the Board of Management of the North Eastern Region Community Resource Management Society-, a rural livelihood Project of the Government of India the International Fund of Agriculture Development (IFAD)

Research Projects

  • Functioning of Autonomous District Councils in Northeast India (completed)
  • Problems of Border Areas in North-East India: Implications for Thirteenth Finance Commission (Meghalaya Chapter)” With Prof. B Mishra as Principal Researcher (completed)

 Consultancy/Research Support:

  • To Practical Action Group (Nepal) for ‘Feasibility Study for Gravity Rope Way Project in Meghalaya’ (completed).
  • To North Eastern Development Finance Corporation Ltd, (NEDFI), for Baseline Survey for Cluster Development and Future Intervention at Mawlynnong area, East khasi Hills, Meghalaya (completed).
  • To State Resource Centre, NEHU, for ‘Evaluation of Cooked Mid Day Meals Programme in Meghalaya’, Government of Meghalaya (completed).
  • 4. To Indian Institute of Banking Management (IIBM), Khanapara, Guwahati for ‘Project on Microfinance’ (completed)


Research Paper(s) Published:

  • Decentralized Planning in Sixth Scheduled Area of India: A Study of Meghalaya’ (2009), Journal of Man and Development, Centre for Research in Industrial and Rural Development, Chandigarh, Vol. 31(1), pp. 83-92.
  • ‘Behaviour of Rural Households in the Borrowing and Usage of Credit in North-East Uplands of India’ (2008), Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics,  Indian Society of Agricultural Economics, Mumbai, Vol. 63(2), pp. 211-223
  • Umdor, S. (2007): “Microfinance Programme in Northeast India”, Eastern Quarterly (Forthcoming).
  • Umdor, S. and B. Panda (2007): “Economic Infrastructure in North East India- An Analysis”, Man & Development, Vol. 29, No.1, pp.113-130.
  • Umdor, S. (2007): “Banking Sector Development and Rural Household Accessibility to Institutional Credit in Northeastern India”, in Economy of India’s Northeast: Problems & Prospects (eds.), ICFAI Publication (in Press).
  • Umdor, S. (2006): “Overview of Rural Credit Markets in the Northeastern Region of India”, Journal of Rural Development, National Institute of Rural Development, Hyderabad, Vol. 25, No.3, pp.425-444.
  • Umdor, S. (2006): “Impact of Microfinance Programme on Clients: A Review of Evidence from Impact Studies in India”,in V. B. Jugale and Y. V. Jugale (eds.) The State of Indian Economy, Vol. 3, pp.179-191, Serials Publications, New Delhi.
  • Umdor, S. (2006): “Changes in the Occupational Structure in Meghalaya, with special reference to the Manufacturing Sector”, Proceedings of the Seminar on Industrial Scenario in the North Eastern States”, Shillong Commerce College, pp.71-79


  • People’s Participation in the Development Process in Meghalaya, Meghalaya State Human Development Report 2008, Chapter 10, Government of Meghalaya (with B. Panda).

  • State of Infrastructure in Meghalaya, (forthcoming 2009), Meghalaya State Human Development Report 2008, Chapter 7, Government of Meghalaya (with B. Panda)

 Reports/Commissioned Papers:

  • Umdor, S. and B. Panda (2007):  “Participation of People in Development”, a background paper prepared in connection with the Meghalaya Human Development Report.
  • Umdor, S. and B. Panda (2006):  “State of Infrastructure in Meghalaya”, a background paper prepared in connection with the Meghalaya Human Development Report.
  • Dubey, A., S. Umdor and D. Smita (2001): “Status of Rural Infrastructure in Meghalaya”, a report based on a study commissioned by the National Council of Applied Economic Research (NCAER), New Delhi, for the ‘Rural Infrastructure Report’