Dr. S. Ravi Kumar

Library & Information Science department

Designation: Assistant Professor


M.Sc, M.Phil, Ph.D

Areas of Interest/Specialization:

Information Retrieval, Scientometrics, Information Visualization, Scholarly Communication


19 years (7 years in industries and 12 years in academics)

Phd Awarded :

One, Title of the Thesis : Accuracy and credibility of information in financial Newspaper: Review of Stock Recommendations. By Mr. Subash Subedi Sharma


  • Implementation and integration of radio-frequency identification system: a practical approach, HJ  Hazarika, S RavikumarLibrary Hi Tech News 36 (4), 13-16,2019.
  • Document viewer with DSpace: a practical approach,HJ Hazarika, S Ravikumar ,Library Hi Tech News, 2019
  • Mapping the Intellectual Structure of the Field Neurological Disorders: A Bibliometric Analysis, S Ravikumar. Early Detection of Neurological Disorders Using Machine Learning Systems, 1-12, 2019.
  • The Accuracy of Newspaper Citation Count Reported and Actual Citation Found in Web of Science Citation Database . S Warjri, SRELS Journal of Information Management 55 (6), 315-319, 2018.
  • Mapping the Citation flow of New York Times Newspaper indexed in Web of Science AJ Singh, S Ravikumar .Library Philosophy and Practice, 1-23,2018
  • Flow of Business Newspaper Information in Scholarly Publications: A Study on the Wall Street Journal Newspaper indexed in Web of Science. AJ Singh, S Ravikumar .Library Philosophy & Practice,2018.
  • Tweets of an Article and Its Citation: An Altmetric Study of Most Prolific Authors S Ravikumar, B Khonglam . Library Philosophy and Practice (e-journal),2018
  • Newspaper Citation in Scholarly Publications: A Study on Financial Times Newspaper during 2001-2010 as reflected in Web of Science . AJ Singh, S Ravikumar. Library Philosophy and Practice (e-journal) , 2018.
  • Readership Count and Its Association with Citation: A Case Study of Mendeley Reference Manager Software. S Ravikumar, B Dohtdong .Library Philosophy & Practice, 2018.
  • Does Facebook Post Contribute to Citation Count?: An Analysis of World’s Most Influential Scientific Articles – 2014. S Ravikumar, IL Myrdon .Journal of Advanced Research in Library and Information Science 5 (2), 1-7,2018.
  • Study on Most Prolific Authors’ and their Association with Citation S Ravikumar . Journal of Scientometric Research 6 (3), 171-175,         2017.
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Papers presented in Conferences/Seminars

  • Develop and Integrating New Features with Koha Library Automation Software: A Practical Approach . HJ Hazarika, S Ravikumar. International Conference on Marching Beyond the Libraries: Managerial Skills …, 2018
  • Integrating DICOM metadata standard with Dspace: a theoretical approach HJ Hazarika, S Ravikumar International conference on Digital Transformation: Preservation, Policy and …     2018
  • Medical Image Library Using DSpace Digital Repository Software: A theoretical approach HJ Hazarika, S Ravikumar .International Conference on Bridging the Digital Divide — Role of Libraries …,       2018