North-Eastern Hill University Teachers' Association

On behalf of NEHUTA it is our privilege to welcome you once again to our North-Eastern Hill University. Here we would like to reaffirm that NEHUTA stands for the interests of the fellow teachers and will continue to extend our helping hand in the welfare of our University in every possible way. As usual we will need the encouragement and support of the entire teaching community of our University to run the business of the association.

As part of its constitution, the process of conduct of Elections to NEHUTA for the year 2014-2015 has been completed under the supervision of NEHUTA Election Committee (2014-2015). Following is the list of the office bearers of NEHUTA Executive Committee with address and phone numbers for easy access.

NEHUTA Executive Committee (2017-18)

Name Position E-Mail Mobile
Prof. X.P.Mao President 9436709125
Prof. D.V. Kumar Vice-President 9436160928
Dr. M. S. N. Rahman General Secretary 9436336754
Prof. G. Bez Joint Secretary 9436332612
Prof. Jyotirmoy Pradhani Treasurer 9436315650
Prof. S.B. Prasad E.C. Member 7627917586
Dr. S. Ravikumar E.C. Member 9862305939
Dr. R.K. Mishra E.C. Member 9436307531
Dr. H. Askari E.C. Member 9436732822
Prof. H. Srikanth E.C. Member 9436165370
Mr. S. Mawiong E.C. Member 9863022257