North-Eastern Hill University Non-Teaching Staff Association (NEHUNSA)

The Non-Teaching Staff Association (NEHUNSA) is a non-political body established under the Act 24 of 1973 of the Parliament for maintaining better relationship through mutual respect, co-operation and understanding between the authorities and the teachers on the one hand and the non-teaching staff of the University on the other hand and to make efforts to promote socio-economic welfare of its members by securing better service conditions and facilities through unity and brotherhood among all sections of the University, and thereby help fulfillment of the purpose of the University.


Notification NEHUNSA-Elections/2023-2025/07 dt. 29th May, 2023 

Dr. Wandondor R. Synrem President
Shri Newmei Alex Huthombou Vice-President
Shri Jonathan Phira Nongbri General Secretary
Shri Danny Marius Synnah Asstt. General Secretary
Shri Alok Chakraborty Secretary Social Welfare
Shri Dannis A. Bareh Secretary Library, Publicity & Publication
Shri. N. Pauzakhup Secretary Educational & Cultural Programme
Shri. Ricky Nelson Khongjee Secretary Sports, Recreational Facilities
Dr. Jamesteword L.Khongsngi Treasurer
Shri. Richestar Lyngdoh Executive Member
Smti Audrey R. Synnah Executive Member
Dr. Colket R. Cajee Executive Member
Shri. Remdor Mylliemngap Executive Member


Vice President Mr L.M. Marak
Secretary Mr. George M.A
Treasurer Mrs Sebika D. Sangma
Games & Sports Secretary Mr. Santosh Singh
Executive Members
  1. Mr Jamester W. Momin
  2. Dr Akaibel D. Arengh
  3. Dr A.K. Mondal
  4. Mr S.R. Sangma
  5. Mr S. Paul
  6. Mr R.P. Yadav

NEHUNSA Sports 2022 (Badminton and Table Tennis) to commence from 4th to 7th July, 2022

Notification inviting contributions towards the NEHUNSA Magazine