North-Eastern Hill University Teachers' Association (NEHUTA)

The North-Eastern Hill University Teachers’ Association is established in accordance with the provisions of Statute 44 of the NEHU Act & Statutes.

On behalf of NEHUTA it is our privilege to welcome you once again to our North-Eastern Hill University. Here we would like to reaffirm that NEHUTA stands for the interests of the fellow teachers and will continue to extend our helping hand in the welfare of our University in every possible way. As usual we will need the encouragement and support of the entire teaching community of our University to run the business of the association.

The Association has an Executive Committee with 11 Members including office bearers. The names of office bearers (President, Vice-President, General Secretary, Joint Secretary, Treasurer) along with other 6 Members of the present Executive Committee (2022-23) are the following:

Office bearers/EC members Name of the candidate Department/Centre
President Prof, Lakhon Kma Biochemistry
Vice President Prof. D. V. Kumar Sociology
General Secretary Dr. M. M. Khymdeit Khasi
Joint secretary Dr. Juwesh Binong Electronics and Communication Engineering
Treasurer Dr. J. J. Thabah Library and Information Science
Executive Committee Member Prof. D. Syiem Biochemistry
Executive Committee Member Prof. P. Biswas Philosophy
Executive Committee Member Prof. P. Hangsing Library and Information Science
Executive Committee Member
Executive Committee Member
Prof. X. P. Mao Philosophy
Dr, Pankaj Sarkar Electronics and Communication Engineering
Executive Committee Member Dr. Dokatchi Ch. Marak Garo (Tura)

NEHUTA Election Committee Notification 2023