Pension Cell

The University has created an Email ID (, which is incorporated in the Website of NEHU ( This electronic facility shall be of an immense help to address all Pension related matters of all NEHU Pensioners and family Pensioners e.g. to find individual ID number, Pension remittance, non-remittance, deduction etc. of Pensioners and Family Pensioners. You may send e-mail to or simply click here.

This media definitely will help in sorting out the grievances if any expeditiously. The website provides facility to communicate with the Pension wing at times of need, effectively and efficiently to the best of our pensioner's satisfaction.


Who shall assist you in need:

Audit Officer
Department of Finance
Internal Audit, NEHU
Permanent Campus
Mawlai - 793022,Shillong, Meghalaya.


Section officer
Department of Finance
Pension Cell, NEHU
Permanent Campus
Mawlai-793022,Shillong, Meghalaya.


Branch Manager
SBI-NEHU,Permanent Campus
Mawlai-793022,Shillong, Meghalaya