Agri-Business Management and Food Technology (Tura)

Head: Dr. Gino A. Sangma


Department of Agribusiness Management & Food Technology
NEHU, Tura Campus
Chasingre, Tura – 794 002
Meghalaya, India



India as one of the world’s leading producer of key agricultural commodities and Indian agri-food as one of the largest and socially important sectors of the economy, the country is facing challenges on issues like constantly changing business environment, advances in technologies, changing policy environment, demographic patterns, and emergence of modern agri-food supply chains.

The Department of Agribusiness Management and Food Technology (ABM&FT) was established in the year 2012 with the specific vision and mission to provide a course exclusively designed to build effective managers, leaders, entrepreneurs, scientists and/or researchers for an increasingly competitive and globalizing food processing and agribusiness sector.

To build a difference on large scale, department will extend to facilitate and address these needs to students to prepare for careers in food, agribusiness and related sectors.


The Department is offering a two years Masters of Business Administration (MBA) programme and Ph.D. since 2013 and 2018 respectively. This segment specific programme aims to enhance learning from multiple perspectives and proficiency with a focus on food and agribusiness. First year of the course is common as it focuses on building on strong foundation in general management and fundamentals of food technology; Second year courses are designed to equip students with specialized multifunctional knowledge, perspective and skills required by food and agribusiness managers for excellence in planning, decision-making and implementation and enhance their effectiveness as leaders.

The Department is offering specialization in two arenas, a) Agribusiness Management and b) Food Technology.


Currently, the Department has well equipped specialized instrumentation Laboratories of (a) Food Chemistry and Analysis Lab, (b) Food Microbiology Lab, (c) Post Harvest & Processing Lab, (d) Quality Assurance & Analysis Lab, (e) Bakery and Fermentation Lab, (f) Central Instrumentation Lab.

The Department has an Agri-Communication Centre which aims to take upon an onus to document indigenous farm knowledge, practice and management, which would enable the students as they prepare themselves to become future managers to incorporate such stories while marketing a particular product from the region.

All the classrooms are well-equipped with digital teaching aids like LCD projectors. The students can avail the various books and journals available in the Central Library of the Campus.


MBA (Agri-Business & Food Technology) with specializiations in a) Agribusiness Management and b) Food Technology; Ph.D.


There will be a total of four semesters in the programme. The first and third semesters are from August to December and the second and fourth semesters are from February to June.  There will be a total of 30 papers in four semesters with each paper evaluated for maximum of 100 marks and a project work with maximum of 200 marks. Total marks will be 3200 over 4 semesters/2 years. The programme shall consist of 21 compulsory papers, 9 elective papers and a project work/dissertation equivalent to 2 papers.  While first two semesters shall have 8 compulsory papers each, semesters III and IV shall offer 3 and 2 compulsory papers, respectively.

A student must opt one out of two areas of specialization, either a) Agribusiness Management or b) Food Technology and Management, from Semester III onwards. If a student opts all the 5 (five) papers of a particular specialization (e.g. Agribusiness Management) in Semester III, then, he/she will have to opt the remaining 4 (four) papers of the same specialization (i.e. Agribusiness Management) in Semester IV.


  1. Dr. Sheena Haorongbam
  2. Dr. Gino A. Sangma
  3. Sasikumar R.