Prof. S.K. Barik

Botany Department

Designation: Professor

Dr. S.K. Barik is Professor of Ecology in the Department. He has published 40 research papers, 8 books and 20 technical and research reports. Many of his research papers are highly cited world-wide. He established that gap size mediated micro-environmental heterogeneity plays an important role in segregation of forest species into different guilds during gap phase regeneration in subtropical forest.

His research group has developed and demonstrated a workable protocol for categorization of threatened categories of species based on numeric population data. Using Ecological niche models, Population Viability Analysis models and multivariate statistical models, his group is active in predicting the distributional range and impact of climate change on several forest species belonging to threatened categories. His works on impact of anthropogenic disturbances on plant species diversity and ecosystem functioning have been widely cited. He developed a sustainable land use model as an alternative to shifting cultivation for the mid-elevation zone of Eastern Himalayas. His works on community forestry during past 20 years have contributed substantially to the development research and sustainable forest resource management in north-eastern India. Six students have been awarded Ph. D. degree under his supervision. He was selected as a LEAD Fellow by the Leadership in Environment and Development International, Rockefeller Foundation, USA in the year 2000. He is the Chairperson/Member of several national committees constituted by Government of India.