Notes to Contributors


  1. The NEHU Journal solicits original pieces of research in the form of articles and book reviews. The word limit for research articles and book reviews would be 5000 words and 1500 words respectively.
  2. All contributions for consideration of publication should be typed in MS Word format and sent to the editor as file attachment.
  3. All papers sent for publication as journal articles should have Title (14 point), followed by Author/s name (12 points in italics) and Abstract of less than 150 words (12 points in italics), followed by five keywords.
  4. The main paper should have Introduction, sub-sections and Conclusion at the end, followed by End Notes and References. All headings and subheadings should be marked in bold and subheadings should be italicised. In the case of contributions other than the full articles, the abstract and key words are not required.
  5. As far as possible, footnotes and endnotes are to be avoided. If used, these should be numbered serially in Arabic numerals and explanations arranged on a separate page.
  6. All non-English words should be italicised. Spelling should be British. Quotations should be reduced to a minimum and where used should be put under single inverted commas or indented. Quotations of more than 50 words from published or copyright sources should have the permission of the author / publisher enclosed with the manuscript.
  7. Line drawings, graphs and photographs are to be in TIF/ JPEG format at 600dpi. Each figure must be cited in the text (Fig. 1), and listed in a separate file numbered consecutively in Arabic numerals. 
  8. Each table should be cited in the text (Table 1), and must be listed in a separate MS word file numbered consecutively in Arabic numerals. A title and caption should be included with each table.
  9. The reference list should contain only the ones cited in the text. All references should be arranged alphabetically and chronologically. If more than one publication by the same author in the single year is being cited, then a, b, c and so on should be added immediately after the year and in the list of references, e.g. 1982a, 1982b and so on.
  10. All references should be mentioned within the text in parentheses with only the surname of the author, year of publication, and/or the page number, e.g. (Sharma 1956: 282). For two authors both surnames must be listed, e.g. (Das and Marak 1985). In the case of more than two authors, it should be as (Sangma et al. 1990). Here only “et al.” is in italics.
  11. Unpublished manuscripts/ Working manuscripts should not be cited as far as possible. If personal communication is unavoidable should be cited in the text as (N. Mishra: personal communication 2002) and is not included in the list of references.
  • The Journal Style Sheet
    • Book
      Hulme, D. and Mosley, P. 1996. Finance against Poverty. Routledge, London:
    • Chapter in a book
      Heckman, J., Lalonde, R. and Smith, J. 1999. ‘The Economics and Econometrics of Active Labour Market Programs’, in A. Ashenfelter and D. Card (ed.), Handbook of Labour Economics, Blackwell, Amsterdam: 23-50.
    • Journal Article
      Mayoux, L. 1999. ‘Questioning Virtuous Spirals: Microfinance and Women’s Empowerment in Africa’, Journal of International Development, 11(7): 957-984.

      McCaffrey, D.F., Ridgeway, G. and Morral, A.R. 2004. ‘Propensity Score Estimation with Booted Regression for Evaluating Causal Effects in Observational Studies’, Psychological Methods, 9(4): 403-425.
    • Government and Institutional Documents
      B L Center for Development Research and Action (BLCDRA). 2005. Micro
      finance and Empowerment of Scheduled Caste Women: An Impact Study of
      Self-help Groups in Uttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal. Government of India,
      New Delhi: 56.
    • Conference and Seminar Papers
      Scandizzo, P., Gaiha, R. and Imai, K. 2005. ‘Option Values, Switches and
      Wages - An Analysis of the Employment Guarantee Scheme in India’, presented at the Conference on Social Protection for Chronic Poverty Risk,
      Needs, and Rights: Protecting What? How?, organized by IDPM, University
      of Manchester, 23-24 February 2005.
    • Online sources
      Islam, A. 2009. ‘Medium and Long-term Participation in Microfinance: An Evaluation Using a Large Panel Dataset from Bangladesh’. Department of Economics, Monash University, Australia:12. cgi-in/conference/download.cgi?db, accessed on 12/12/2012
    • For Book Reviews
      All book reviews should begin with the basic details as given below:
      M.O. Grenby, Children’s Literature (Edinburgh Critical Guides to Literature), Edinburgh University Press, 2014. Pp. 264. ISBN 978 0 7486 4902 0, Price Rs. 1,840.79.

      At the end of the book review, write the reviewer’s details:

      Reviewed by:
      Mankhrawbor Dunai,
      Research Scholar,
      Department of English,
      NEHU, Shillong.

The responsibility for the facts stated and opinions expressed is wholly that of the contributors and the Editor and the North-Eastern Hill University Publications accept no responsibility for them.