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Sohpetbneng Halls of Residence
The Sohpet Bneng Halls of Residence is named after “Lum Sohpet Bneng”. The seven clans of the Khasi race are believed to be descendants of heavenly beings have a covenant with God that they are free to come and go between heaven and earth as they pleased. To do so God provide them with a bridge by way of a huge oak tree on earth. The tree was felled but the remaining stub of the tree is believed to be still there in the sacred mount of Lum Sohpet Bneng.
Sohpet Bneng Halls is a single seater accommodation allotted only to male research scholars who are pursuing M.Phil and Doctoral research programmes of the University. It is divided into two blocks (A & B). Located in the vicinity of another male research scholars’ hostel, it accommodates 49 residents.
Admission of scholars to this hostel is a continuous process on first come first serve basis.
Warden Dr. Benjamin F. Lyngdoh
Department of Tourism & Hotel Management
Phone 9436704158 (M)
Hostel Contact Phone:
0364-2722035 (Block A)
0364-2722036 (Block B)
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