Amendments to NEHU Acts, Ordinances, Statutes and Regulations

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1. Amendment to Ordinance OB-6  
2. Amendment to Ordinance OC-18  
3. Addendum NO:90-2/Conf/2013-618 dated 06.01.2014 to Clause 2 of Regulation RC-12  
4. Notification No.F.Conf/15-3/STAT/2006-668 dated 25.03.2014 on amendment of Statute 18  
5. Corrigendum NO:F.Conf/22-2/Reg/2007/Vol-I/669 dated 25.03.2014 on notification of even no.584 dt. 18.11.2013  
6. Notification NO.F.Conf/13-5/ORD/99/Vol-V/639 dated 18.02.2014 on amendment to Ordinances OA-5 on Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates, OC-8 on the structure of Bachelor of Arts, Science, Home Science, Commerce and Professional Courses and OC-15 on Academic Calendar of the University  
7. Notification NO:Conf/13-5/ORD/99(Vol.V) 799 dated 22.07.2014  
8. Notification NO.ACT/10-7/Conf/2014-802 dated 22.07.2014  
9. Notification NO.F.Conf/22-2/Reg/2007/Vol-I/804 dated 23.07.2014  
10. Notification No:SB:6-11/Conf/2012-909 dated 20.08.2014  
11. Notification No:Conf/BOS/59-7/2014-917 dated 22.08.2014  
12. Notification No:Conf/BOS/59-5/2014-918 dated 22.08.2014  
13. Notification No.F.Conf/13-5/ORD/99/Vol-V/968 dated 05.09.2014 on amendments to Clause 5(i) of Ordinance OC-8, Clause 8 of Ordinance OC-15 and Ordinance OF-1  
14. Notification No:CONF/7-5/BRS/95-997 dated 22.09.2014 on reconstitution of the Board of Research Studies  
15. Notification No.BSP(NEIGRIHMS)CONF/2011-1006 dated 26.09.2014 on reconstitution of the Board of Studies for the Professional Course offered by NEIGRIHMS  
16. Notification No. EC:157/4/Conf/2014-1054 dt. 24.11.2014 on Grievance Redressal Committee as per AICTE Regulation 2012  
17. Notification No. SMC:9-3/Conf/86/2008-1051 dt. 17.11.2014 on reconstitution of Steering Committee for Centre for Distance Education  
18. Notification No. F.Conf/22-2/Reg/2007/Vol-I/1096 dt. 19.01.2015 on amendments to Clause 5:vi of Regulation RC-5, Clause 7:d of Regulation RC-19 and Regulation RA-3  
19. Notification No. F.Conf/13-5/ORD/99/Vol-VI/62 dt. 10.06.2015 on amendment to Clause-6 of Ordinance OC-15 on academic calendar of the University  
20. Notification No. F.Conf/22-2/Reg/2007(Vol-I)-198 dt. 22.01.2016 on amendments of the UGC Regulation 2nd Amendment 2013  
21. Notification No. CONF/13-5/ORD/99(VOL-VI)/2014-238 dt. 30.03.2016 notifying the provisions of Ordinance OA-8 on Board of Studies  
22. Amendment to RU-4 Rules for Allotment of Residence