National Seminar on Urbanization in India: Issues and Predicaments

14-15 February, 2019

orgaized by
Department of Sociology

The seminar aims to reflect on the pressing issues that emanate from the rapid growth of urbanization in India. Some of the issues which will be pondered over and addressed in this seminar include: inequality in urban centres, nature and dynamics of migration to urban centres, slum problem, issues relating to urban poverty, residential pattern and employment opportunities.

Sub themes

  1. Urbanization: Theoretical and Conceptual Issues
  2. Emergence of Urban Centres in India: Past and Present
  3. Urban Issues
    1. Migration
    2. Urban Planning
    3. Smart Cities
    4. Urban Governance
    5. Tourism
    6. Future Prospects
  4. Urban Problems and Challenges
    1.  Social Problems
    2. Economic Problems
    3. Logistic Problems
    4. Housing
    5. Sanitation
    6. Transport
    7. Crime
    8. Environmental Concerns
  5. Urbanization in the Context of North-East India
    1. Physiographical Problems
    2. Problems of Hill Cities
    3. Ethnic Clusters
    4. Prospects

Guidelines for Contributors

  1. Abstract (within 200 words) should reach the undersigned on or before October, 3rd, 2018.
  2. Full length paper should reach on or before 15th November, 2018.
  3. Paper presenters should clearly indicate particulars such as name, designation, contact number and their institutional affiliation.
  4. Acceptance of the paper abstract will be communicated to the paper presenters by the 10th October, 2018 through email.
  5. Accommodation for outstation participants will be arranged at the University guest house within the campus.
  6. All communications related to sending of abstracts, full papers or any other information should be made to the Convener or the Co-Convener of the seminar at the following email address and contact no.

Convener: Dr. Biswambhar Panda
Department of Sociology,
North-Eastern Hill University, Shillong
Shillong- 793022
Contact No. 09436307619


Co-Convener: Md. Yusuf Khan
Department of Sociology,
North-Eastern Hill University, Shillong
Shillong- 793022
Contact No. 917005213323

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