Prof. Chintamani Rout

Designation: Professor

Department: Law

Teaching Experience : More than 30 years

Area of Interest

Constitutional Law, Interpretation of Statutes, Contract Law, Law and Women, Law of Torts, Family Law (Hindu Law), 
Alternate Dispute Resolution System, Legal Education and Research Methodology

Brief Resume 

Dr. Chintamani Rout is currently working as the Professor, in the Department of Law, School of Social Sciences, NEHU, Shillong. Before joining NEHU as Reader in 2007 and re-designated as Associate Professor in 2010, he was the Faculty Member in ICFAI Law School, ICFAI University, Dehradun, Utarakhand from 30th June 2003 to 11th January 2007. Dr. Rout was also worked as a Lecturer in Bhadrak Law College, Bhadrak, a District Law College, under Utkal University, from 1st December, 1993 to 30th June, 2003.

Attended, participated and Presented Papers in 133 (One hundred Thirty-three) National/International Seminars and Conferences in India.

Administrative Responsibilities Undertaken:

  1. Head Department of Law, NEHU, Shillong.
    •  6 June, 2008  --  19 July, 2011
    •  18 July, 2014  -- 14 July, 2017
    •  14th  July, 2020 to 14th July, 2023
  2. Warden, Boys Hostel, NEHU, Shillong from 24th September, 2010 -- 31 December, 2020. More than  ten (10) years.

Participated in Orientation/ Refresher/ Training Courses, etc.

  1. Orientation Course. Utkal University, Academic Staff College, Bhubaneswar- 03 June, 1994 -- 30 June, 1994
  2. Refresher Course I.Nagarjuna University,Vijayawada-Guntur, Andhra Pradesh – 09 February, 1998 -- 02 March,1998
  3. Refresher Course II.Indian Law Institute, New-Delhi – 09 December, 2002 -- 28 December, 2002
  4. Teacher’s Training Programme- International Humanitarian Law-18.04.2006 -- 20.04.2006 Jammu University, Jammu
  5. Teacher’s Training Programme- International Humanitarian Law-12.12.2007 -- 14.12.2007 North-Eastern Hill University, Shillong
  6. Curriculum Development Programme. For Training Legal Services Providers to Tribal and Rural Communities in India – 12 November, 2013 – 17 November, 2013 Organized by International Bar Association (IBA), Continuing Legal Education (CLE)  Chair National Law School of India University, Bangalore, Menon Institute of Legal Advocacy Training, Trivandrum in Association with School of Law, Guru Ghasidas Central University, Bilaspur.
  7. Teacher Training Programme on Environmental Laws. Attended and successfully completed the week-long Teachers Training Programme on Enviornmental Laws, organized by Centre for Environmental Law, Policy and Research, National Law University, Delhi under the aegis of National Academy of Law Teachers, from 9th - 15th July, 2018.
  8. Participated in the Faculty Development Programme to Design, Develop and Deliver MOOC Courses through SWAYAM platform organized by the National Institute of Educational Planning and Administration (NIEPA), New Delhi during 5-10 August, 2019.

Research Guidance:-

Supervised ten (10) Research Scholars for the award of degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D.) in Law

Name of the Candidate Department Registration No. & Date Title of the Thesis Supervisor 
Maria Lalrinmawii Law 2540 of 27.07.2015  "Consumer Protection Law in India: A Study with Special Reference to the State of Mizoram".  Prof. Chintamani Rout 
Vandana Tiwari Law  2541 of 27.07.2015 "Death Penalty in India: A Legal Analysis Prof. Chintamani Rout 
Laishram Malem Mangal Law  2905 of 02.11.2016 "Right to Land and Natural Resources under the Constitution of India" Prof. Chintamani Rout 
Kaustav Choudhoury Law 3156 of 22.01.2019  "Human Rights in India: A Study of the Elderly Persons" Prof. Chintamani Rout 
Thywill Susngi Law 2937 of 30.11.2017 "Electoral Reforms in India: A Legal Study" Prof. Chintamani Rout 
Muluvesalu Keyho Law 3157 of 23.01.2019 "Prison Reforms in India: A Legal Study" Prof. Chintamani Rout 
Jayanta Boruah Law    4076 of 18.11.2019 "Sustainable Management of Forests as Common Property Resources with Special Reference to the State of Assam: A Socio Legal Analysis" Prof. Chintamani Rout 
Chujip Khoinya Law    2766 of 01.11.2016 "E-Waste and Its Implication on Environment: A Legal Study." Prof. Chintamani Rout 
Edmund Syad Law    4075 of 18.11.2019 "The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act, 2012: A Legal Analysis with Reference to the State of Meghalaya" Prof. Chintamani Rout 
Dahunmon Mary Hadem Law    2741 of 03.11.2016 "Evolving Needs of Society and the Indian Legal Education System: A Critical Analysis" Prof. Chintamani Rout

LL.M Dissertation (s) Supervised--- 10 (Ten)


Total Publications: 74

Text books/Reference books

  1. Chintamani Rout (2014), “Personal Liberty and Human Rights” Central Law Publications, Allahabad, and ISBN:  978-93-82676-51-5.
  2. Chintamani Rout (2014), “Judicial Pronouncement and Stifling Prosecution” SSDN Publications and Distributors, New Delhi, ISBN: 978-93-8357-512-1

Question Answer books

  1. “Hindu Law”, (Questions & Answers). Madhusmita Publication, Bhagabata Press, Bhadrak . First Publication 1998
  2. “Special Marriage Act, 1954 with Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961” (Questions & Answers), Orissa Law Reviews, High Court Square, Cuttack-2.  First Publication 1999
  3. “Orissa Estate Abolition Act, 1951” (Questions & Answers), Orissa Law Reviews, High Court Square, Cuttack-2. First Publication 2000
  4. Objective Questions on “Banking Law” (Questions & Answers), Satyashree Publication, Bhadrak. First Publication 2001

Book Chapters

  1. “Accountability and Credibility of Indian Judiciary” Chapter-32, PP-197-200 (Book) Judicial Independence and Accountability. Edited by Dr. P.K. Padhi, published by The Law House, Bapuji Nagar, Bhubaneswar, in the year 2001.
  2. “Evolution and Development of Intellectual Property Rights” Chapter-10, PP-82-87 (Book) Law of Intellectual Property Rights. Edited by Dr. S. K. Nanda and published by Orissa Law Reviews, High Court Road, Cuttack-2 in the year 2003.
  3. “Working Women and Constitutional Protection”Chapter-9, PP-131-139 (Book) Human Rights and Gender Justice. Edited by Dr.P. K. Pandey and published by APH Publishing Corporation New-Delhi  ISBN 978-93-313- 1683-7 in the Year 2012
  4. “Right to Education- Conceptual and Constitutional Dimensions” Chapter-2, pp-12- 17. (Book) Privatization of Higher Education in India (Legal Challenges). Edited by Dr. B. P. Dwivedi, G. Chakraborty, R. Bandyopadhyay and S. K. Biswas and Published by Department of Law, University Of North- Bengal, Darjeeling,  ISBN 978-81-921285-1-1 in the year 2012
  5. “The Law of Protective Discrimination in India” Chapter-22, PP-156-161- (Book) Reservation in India, Edited by Dr.B. C. Mohapatra & Dr.S.R.Mohapatra and Published by-Research India Press, SangamVihar, New Delhi ISBN 978-81- 89131- 56-2 in the year 2012
  6. "Social Security of Older Persons with Special Reference to Welfare of Parents" Chapter-13, pp-213-219 (Book) Social Security. Edited by Dr.P.K.Pandey and published by A.P.H. Publishing Corporation, New Delhi ISBN-978-93-313-2033-9 in the Year 2013
  7. “Status of Girl Child in India: A Socio-Legal Study of Girl Child” Section-IV, Chapter-III, PP 224-236   (Book)  Child Rights in North East India : Perspectives on Media. Edited by Mr. A. Kaushik and Mr A. Suchiang and Published by  MRB Publishers Guwahati   ISBN : 978-93-83403-07-3 in the year 2015  
  8. “Death Sentence: Burning Issue” Chapter-17, PP 183-196 (Book) Capital Punishment in India. Edited by Dr. S. R. Mohapatra and published by Adhyayan Publishers & Distributers, New Delhi  ISBN 978-81-8435-437-9 in the year 2015
  9. “Provisions for Environmental Protection under Constitution of India: An Over View” Chapter-13, PP 182-189 (Book) Forest and Environment in India: Law, History, Culture and Modern Approaches. Edited by Dr. N. Kumar and published by EBH Publishers, Guwahati. ISBN: 978-93-83252-85-5 in the year 2015
  10. “Customer is King” Chapter-9, PP. 101-112 (Book) Consumer Laws and Practice. Edited by Dr. K.C. Dalai and published by Prabhat Publication, Berhampur. ISBN 978-93-82558-10-1 in the year 2016
  11. "Right to Information and Good Governance" Chapter -3, PP-23-26 (Book) Right to Information Act: Implementation and Challenges. ISBN: 978-93-85571-32-9 Edited by Prof. S.K. Nanda, Published by OJR Publication Company, Cuttack. 2017
  12. "Prohibition of Traffic in Human beings and Forced Labour: A Socio Legal Response" Chapter- 3, PP 27-35,  (Book) Trafficking in Persons (Prohibition, Control and Rehabilitation), edited by G. Chakraborty, R. Bandyopadhya and S. K. Biswas, published by, University of North Bengal, ISBN:978-81-921285-5-9 in the year 2017
  13. "Indigenous People and their Development: Legal and Constitutional Safeguards" Chapter- 31, PP 339-346, (Book) Understanding the Tribes of Asia (Tradition, Roots,Identity, Belief, Environment and Security), edited by David Arnold Kharchandy, published by Lakshi Publishers and Distributors, New Delhi, ISBN:978-93-82120-36-0 (H B) in the year 2018
  14. "Social Justice and Positive Discrimination", Chapter- 4, PP 45-56, (Book) Towards Social Justice, edited by C. J. Thomas and P. Kakoti, published by Pentagon Press, New Delhi, ISBN:978-93-86618-44-3 in the year 2018
  15. "Poverty, Inequality and Right to Food: A Note" Part-4, PP-396-410, (Book) Development and Deprivation in the Indian Sub-Continent, edited byU.K.De & M.Pal, Published by Levant Books, Kolkata. ISBN:978-93-88069-19-9 in the Year, 2019
  16. " Domestic Violence Law: A Critical Examination" Chapter-26, PP 485-496, (Book) Gender and Democracy in North East India: Politics of Inclusion and Empowerment" Edited by J.K.Sharma, Published by Purbanchal Prakash, Guwahati. ISBN:9 8-81-7213-9 in the Year, 2019
  17. "Gandhi Changed the World- Article 17 of the Indian Constitution and Abolition of Untouchability"  Chapter-3, PP 51 - 58, (Book) 'Celebrating the Mahatma' (ed.) by  David A. Kharchandy & P. Lyngdoh  Publisher, Lakshi Publisher & Distributers, New Delhi. ISBN: 978 - 93 - 82120 - 76 - 6 (HB), in the Year, 2020
  18. "Human Rights and Constitutional Reforms with Special Reference to Abolition of Untouchability and Role of B.R. Ambedkar" Chapter-11, PP 74-82, (Book) 'Dr. B.R. Ambedkar’s Ideas & Thoughts' (ed.) by X. P. Mao & S. Arya, Publisher, Concept Publishing Company Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi. ISBN: 13:978-93-5125-281-8, in the Year, 2021
  19. Celebrating India @ 75 Post Independence Journey of Indian Judiciary" Chapter-16, PP 159-161, (Book) ' Celebrating India @ 75 edited by David Kharchandy & K.L. Buam, Published by Winshield Press, New Delhi, ISBN:978-98-82120-29-2 (HB) First Publication in the year 2021
  20. State of Meghalaya: The Importance of Sixth Schedule in the Indian Constitution, Chapter- 5, PP 81- 88 (Book) A Retrospection in to Meghalaya's 50 Years Journey of Statehood, Edited by David Arnold Kharchandi, ISBN: 978-81-94893-61-5 (HB), Published by- Lekhi Publishers, New Delhi,  Year, 2022
  21. Impact of Pandemic in Legal Education: Teaching and Research in Law, PP 499- 502,Conference Proceedings,  Law and Legal Education During and Post Pandemic, Edited by Professor Mizanur Rahman, Bangladesh Institute of Law and International Affairs (BILIA), ISBN: 978- 984-35-2841-4, Published by- NAM Printers, BILIA, 2022

National/ International Research Papers published in Journals

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Book Review

  1. FAMIL LAW LECTURES, FAMILY LAW II, by Dr. Poonam Pradhan Saxena, Published by Lexis Nexis,(A Division of Reed Elsevier India Pvt.Ltd.) Student Series, 3rd Edition 2011, PP V+620, ISBN 978-81-8038-676-3

Attended, Participated and Presented Papers in National and International Seminars/ Conferences/ Workshops: (since 1993 to till date)

133 Participated One Day National Level Panel Discussion on Implementation of National Education Policy (NEP) 2020: Innovative Approaches and Challenges NEP Implementation Committee and NEHUTA.  
132 Attended Awareness cum Training Programme on NAAC Assessment and Accreditation of Legal Education institute for North-Eastern Region IQAC National Law University and Judicial Academy (NLUJA), Assam in collaboration with National Assessment Accreditation NAAC, Bangalore 21.01.2022
131 Attended Programme for the Camp sitting/ Public open hearing of the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) at State Convention Centre, Shillong National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) 14.12.2021
130 Presented a paper entitled “State of Meghalaya: The importance of Sixth Schedule under the Indian Constitution” webinar, A Retrospection into Meghalaya’s 50 Years Journey of Statehood Centre for Historical Research, Synod College in collaboration with the Dept. of Arts & Culture, Govt. of Meghalaya 21&21.10.2021
129 Attended lecture on Yoga for Physical and Mental Health University Level Yoga Committee 02.10.2021
128 Attended One Day National Webinar and discussion on NEP 2020: A Paradigm Shift for Education Dept. of Pol. Sc and public Administration, Dept. of Sociology, Sri Venkateswar University of Tirupati 26.09.2021
127 Attended One Day National Level Panel Discussion on National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 NEHUTA 14.09.2021
126 Attended Two Day National Conference continuing Professional Development of Teachers in the Digital World Dept. of Education, NEHU, Shillong 6 & 7 .09.2021
125 Attended A Felicitation Programme by Bar Council of India, for Hon’ble Chief Justice of India, Justice N.V. Ramana and the topic was The Legal & Judicial System in India Bar Council of India 4.09.2021
124 Attended and participated Online lecture, “Academic leadership: A Growing Imperative” ICSSR-NREC in collaboration with Indian Society for Training and Development 27.08.2021
123 Attended as Guest of Honours 2nd Foundation Day of the Acquitas Victoria Foundation   15.08.2021
122 Attended Education Leaders Submit Manav Rachana University, New Delhi 14.08.2021
121 Attended & participated Intellectual Property Right” organized National Law University & Judicial Academy, Assam National Seminar
13th February, 2021
120 Attended as a Resource Person Domestic Violence Law Against Women in India Law College, Durgapur, West Bengal National Webinar
21st December, 2020
119 Attended & participated Rule of law and Access to Justice ICFAI Law School, ICFAI University, Dehradun, Uttarakhand International Webinar
12th December, 2020
118 Attended & participated Role of Human Resources Development Centres (HRDCs) in Adopting the New Normal Techniques to sustain quality in Higher Education” UGC-HRDC, NEHU, Shillong National Webinar
31st October, 2020.
117 Presented a paper Gandhi Changed the world – Article 17 of the Indian Constitution and Abolition of Untouchability Synod College, Shiilong in collaboration with the Department of Arts & Culture, Government of Meghalaya National Webinar
29th September, 2020
116 Attended & participated “Sensitizing the Students Committee of the Legal Care & Support Centre of North Eastern Hill University (Department of Law) Meghalaya State Legal Services Authority State Webinar
20th August, 2020
115 Keynote speaker Challenges before Indian Judiciary: An Overview Ajmal Law College, Hojai, Assam National Webinar
4th August, 2020.
114 Presented a Paper as Resource Person Sustainable Development of Earth Ethics: Re-thinking of Consumption and Sustenance Jointly organized by Mahatma Gandhi Centre for Conflict Resolution and Peace Studies with Lady Keane College, Shillong, Meghalaya International Seminar
14 & 15 February, 2020
113 Presented a Paper as Resource Person Role of Law in Social Transformation  Department of Law, ICSS College Bhadrak, FM University National Seminar
13 January, 2020
112 Presented a Paper Independence of Judiciary: Vacancies in subordinate Courts and its Impact University School of Law & Legal Studies, GGSIP University, New Delhi National Seminar
10 & 11 January, 2020
111 Presented a Paper Constitution and Social Change: Issues and Challenges Department of Law, University of North Bengal National Conclave
30 Nov &1 Dec, 2019
110 Attended & participated Programme for Administrators & Teacher of Plagiarism Detection software (PDS) - URKUND Central Library, NEHU, Shillong , INFLIBNET Centre, Gandhi Nagar under the aegis of MHRD, GOI National Workshop
109 International Law and Development – Addressing Poverty in Asia Realizing Asian Century: Understanding International Law and Governance Asian Association of Law Professors, Kathmandu, Nepal International Conference
9-10th July, 2019
108 Concept and Development of Intellectual Property Law Intellectual Property Law DKS Commerce College, Dibrugarh National Workshop
29th June, 2019
107 Water Laws and Water Rights in India Understanding Water Crisis: The Way Forward Synod College, Shillong International Seminar
6-7th June, 2019
106 Attended & Participated IPR, Patent and Trademark School of Technology, NEHU, Shillong National Workshop
13th May, 2019
105 The Rights of Refugee and Humanitarian Obligation Global Refugee Crisis: A Multidisciplinary Humanitarian Approach Utkal University, Odisha International Seminar
27-28th April, 2019
104 Importance of Legal Education and Research Methodology Reforms in Legal Education and Research: Challenges and Remedies National Law University, New Delhi National Workshop
13-14th April, 2019
103 Chaired the Session and delivered a lecture as a Resource person on “The Importance of Legal Education and Research Methodology” Our Common Concern on Teaching and Research in Law (CCTRL-2018) Chanakya National Law University, Patna National Workshop
15th December, 2018
102 Delivered a lecture as a Resource person on “Problem of Human trafficking in India and Global perspective” Human Trafficking in India between BSF and BGB Frontier HQ, BSF, Meghalaya National workshop
5th November, 2018
101 Attended & Participated 2nd Regional Consultation on Child Rights in the Context of human Trafficking in North East International Justice Mission and North East for Child Rights under the aegis of Meghalaya State Legal Services authority and State legal Services Authority Regional Consultation
22nd September, 2018
100 Presented a Paper the Legal Theory of Intellectual Property Rights  Intellectual Property Rights NLUAJA, Assam International Seminar 18-19 August, 2018
99 Participated Electoral Politics in North-East India: Challenges of the last Assembly Elections ICSSR, NER, NEHU Campus, Shillong National Seminar 21st April, 2018
98 Participated North East India and its International Neighbors: New Directions Department of Political Science, NEHU,  Shillong International Seminar 27-28 March, 2018
97 The Importance of Understanding the Psychology of Students in the Classroom Recent Advances in Educational Psychology Dept. of Education, NEHU, Shillong International Conference
15-16 March, 2018
96 Participated in Contemporary Environmental Issues & Concerns Contemporary Environmental Issues & Concerns NSS Unit, NEHU, Shillong & ENVIS RP Centre,  NEHU, Shillong Regional Seminar
12 March, 2018
95 Disaster Resilient Communities & Measures by the Government for Disaster Management – An Analysis under the Disaster Management Act, 2005 Understanding the Earth for Resourcing Future Generations Shillong Chapter, Indian Science Congress Association (ISCA), Kolkata & NEHU, Shillong National Seminar
5-6 March, 2018
94 Property Rights under the Indian Constitution Need of Land Reforms in Assam in view of the Rights of the Indigenous People Tezpur Law College, Tezpur, Sonitpur, Assam National Seminar
23-24 February, 2018
93 Prohibition of Traffic in Human Beings and Forced Labour: A Judicial Response Trafficking in Women & Children in India University Law College, Utkal University, Vani Vihar, Bhubaneshwar National Seminar
19-20 January, 2018
92 Demonetisation And Its Impact on Economic Activity: Industry & Trade, E-Commerce & Human Resources Demonetisation & Digitalisation of Indian Economy Dept. of Commerce, NEHU, Shillong National Seminar
27-28 November, 2017
91 The Philosophy of Religion and Education of Swami Vivekananda Philosophy of Swami Vivekananda Dept. of Philosophy, NEHU, Shillong National Seminar
21-23 November, 2017
90 Attended & Participated: Eastern Himalaya Trans-Regional Workshop Learning & Sharing from Best Practices of Community –Led Sustainable Development in North-East India NERCORMP & NEC, Govt. of India Regional Workshop
9-10 November, 2017
89 Expert Panellist:  Customary Laws of North East India – Practice and Prevalence Customary Laws of North East India – Practice and Prevalence University of Science & Technology, Meghalaya National Seminar
21-22 October, 2017
88 Social Justice and Positive Discrimination Towards Social Justice: Impact of Positive Discrimination on Marginalized Communities with Special Reference to Scheduled Caste Groups in India ICSSR, North Eastern Regional Centre, Shillong, NEHU Campus National Seminar
21-22 September, 2017
87 Tolerance of Persons and Article 15 of the Constitution Equality, Discrimination and Difference: Issues of Tolerance in Globalised World Dept. of Law, University of North Bengal National Seminar
9-10 September, 2017
86 Resource Person-Ethics of a law Personal under the Indian Advocates Act, 1961 Ethics of a Law Professional Meghalaya state Judicial Academy, Shillong Regional Seminar
27 May, 2017
85 Conducted Three day Workshop for Teachers in North-East Humanitarian Issues in emergencies ICRC, Regional Delegation, New Delhi & The Department of Law, NEHU, Shillong Regional Workshop 25-27 April, 2017
84 Media the Fourth Pillar of Democracy Media Literacy in the Age of Convergence Department of Mass Communication and Journalism, Tezpur University National Seminar
30-31 January, 2017
83 Child Trafficking in North East India: its Prevention & Control
Presented a paper and chaired a session 
Trafficking in Persons: Prevention, Control & Rehabilitation Department of Law, university of North Bengal National Seminar
26-27 November, 2016
82 Participated with Distinction Justice Delivery System (Arrears and Solutions) Bar Council of India in association with All Assam Lawyers Association National Seminar
13 November, 2016
81 Indigenous people and their Development: Legal & Constitutional Safeguards Understanding the Tribes of Asia Synod College Shillong,Dept of Education & History, collaboration with P.A. Sangma Foundation International Seminar
3-4 November, 2016
80 Independence of Judiciary in India, Resource Person Seminar Extension Lecture Department of Philosophy, NEHU Shillong University-Level
19 October, 2016
79  First NEHU  National Moot Court Competition, Organized as
Acted as a judge in the Preliminary Round and Semi Final Round for Moot Court Department of Law, NEHU Shillong National Moot Court Competition
5-7 October, 2016
78 Right, Duties and Entitlement of Citizens under the Constitution of India, Participated as Resource person Refresher-Training on Legal Literacy National Literacy Mission authority, Govt. of India, New Delhi in collaborations\n with State Resource Centre NEHU, Shillong National Seminar
29-30 September, 2016
77 Arbitration & Conciliation Process as the means to resolve the disputes, Participated as Resource person Judicial training to the Newly appointed Judges Judicial Academy Meghalaya State Level Seminar
29 September, 2016
76 Accountability and Transparency in Governance of the Judiciary and also chaired a session Transparency & Accountability in Justice Administration System: Challenges and Solutions Centre for Transparency and Accountability in Governance (CTAG) National Law University, Delhi, India and Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative, India International Conference
24-25 September, 2016
75 Participated as a Resource person National Workshop on Legal Research Methodology University School of Law and Research, University of Science & Technology Meghalaya National Workshop
26-27 August, 2016
74 Actively & Successfully Participated & Chairperson of Two Technical Session Community Policing in North East India Department of Justice Ministry of Law & Justice, New Delhi National Conference
31 July, 2016
73 Actively & Successfully Participated Current Challenges before the Legal profession and the Judiciary Bar Association of India and the Shillong High Court Bar Association National Seminar
20-21 May, 2016
72 Actively & Successfully participated Digital Addressable System (DAS): Issues and Way Forward Telecom Disputes Settlement and Appellate Tribunal (TDSAT) National Seminar
14 May, 2016
71 Conducted the Programme Dissemination on International Humanitarian Law Department of Law, NEHU Shillong in collaboration with ICRC, New Delhi Dissemination on International Law
11-12 May, 2016
70 e-Governance Cyber Security: Issues, Challenges and its preventive measures & Convener of the seminar e-Governance, Cyber Crimes, Cyber Security & Cyber laws: Contemporary Issues & Challenges Department of Law, NEHU,Shillong & North Eastern Council, Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region, Govt. of India National Seminar
29 April, 2016
69 Participated as a Resource person Legal literacy activities for the State of Meghalaya, Manipur and Nagaland State Resource Centre, NEHU, Shillong and Department of Justice, Ministry of Law and Justice, Govt. of India Workshop
19-21 April, 2016
68 Gender Issues in Contemporary Laws in North East India: The Case of Meghalaya Gender and Folklore in North-East India: Beliefs and Practices Department of Cultural and Creative Studies, North-Eastern Hill University, Shillong National Seminar
30-31 March, 2016
67 Indigenous People and their Development: Legal and Constitutional Safeguards Environment and Society: the context of North-East India Department of Sociology, NEHU, Shillong National Seminar
14-15 March, 2016
66 The Role of Media, Right to Information under the Constitution of India Mass Media Laws in India: A Time to Review Institute of Law, Jiwaji University, Gwallior, Madhyapradesh National Seminar
5-6 March, 2016
65 Right to Information and Good Governance Right to Information Act - Implementation and Challenges Madhusudan Law College (Utkal University), Cuttack, Odisha National Conference
27-28 February, 2016
64 Right to Education: Historical Background and Constitutional Mandate Right to Education: A Constitutional mandate University Law College, Utkal University, Vani Vihar, Bhubaneswar, Odisha National Seminar
20-21 February, 2016
63 participated as a Resource Person To Review IEC Materials on Legal Literacy for Meghalaya, Manipur and Nagaland State Resource Centre, NEHU, Shillong under the memorandum of understanding between NLMA and Department of Justice, Govt. of India One day Workshop
8-10 February, 2016
62 Child and Woman Labour: Issues and Challenges, Keynote Speaker And Chairperson Child and Woman Labour: Issues and Challenges Barpeta Law College, Barpeta, Assam, India National Seminar
29-30 January, 2016
61 Rule of Law: Emerging Trends for Good Governance & Chaired a Technical session, entitled, Concept of Sovereignty and Shifting Horizons: Impact of SEZ and Rule of Law Changing Dimensions of Concept of Legal Systems and Rule of Law: Emerging Trends In constitutionalism Dept. of Law, University of North Bengal, Darjeeling, West Bengal, India National Seminar
19-20 December, 2015
60 Role of Yoga in Education “Role of Yoga in Education” in 23rd Annual Conference and Silver Jubilee Celebration of North East India Education Society (NEIES) North East India Education Society (NEIES) in collaboration with the Department of Education, North-Eastern Hill University, Shillong Annual Conference & Silver Jubilee Celebration
26-27 November, 2015
59 Actively & Successfully
Disaster Risk Reduction – Major Initiative in North-Eastern Region (India) towards Disaster Resilience Govt. of India, NEC, Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region, Nongrim Hills, Shillong Global Conference and one day Mock Drill
23-25 November, 2015
58 Actively & Successfully Participated Women and Religion in India: Status and Quest for Liberation Synod College, Shillong as part of the commemoration of the Golden Jubilee year National seminar
13-14 November, 2015
57 Poverty, Inequality and Right to Food: An analysis of the Constitutional Provision and Right to Food Security Act, 2013 Poverty, Inequality and Health in India with Special Reference to North East India Department of Economics, NEHU in collaboration with Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata and NABARD National Seminar
8-10 October, 2015
56 Child Trafficking in North East India and its Measures,
Resource person and Chairperson
Child trafficking: A Crime Against the Nation, Royal Academy of Law in collaboration with the Thumal Marik College, Oinam, Bishnumar, Manipur and sponsored by the University Grants Commission National Seminar
8-9 May, 2015
55 Biological Diversity and Climate Change: National and International Prospective The Maintenance of International Peace and Security: Contemporary Challenges to International Law National Law University and Judicial Academy, Assam National workshop
24th and 25th May 2014
54 Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Gender and Democracy in North East India Department of Political Science, Guwahati University 
(Under UGC-SAP)
National Seminar
4-5 March, 2014
53 State and Security Laws: Women’s perspective with reference to the state of Manipur Equality, Pluralism and the State Perspective from the Women’s Moment Indian Association for Women Studies, New Delhi, held at Guwahati University XIV National Conference on Women Studies
4-7 February, 2014
52 Uniform Civil Code And Gender Justice: An Analysis under Customary Law. Customary Law, Law and Women in Northeast India. Indian Association for Women Studies & Indian
Council of Historical Research, Guwahati.
Regional Workshop 
14-15 December, 2013
51 International Labour Organisation: Its Mission and objectives with Global Reference. Employment Laws In The Global Era: Changes and Trends In India Dept. of Law,
Of North Bengal.
National Seminar
23-24 November, 2013
50 Actively & Successfully participated Curriculum Development for Training Legal Services Providers to Tribal & Rural Communities in India National law School of India University, IBA-CLE & Ghasidas Central University, Bilaspur National Workshop
12-17 November, 2013
49 Position and Status of Child under Indian Constitution: The Role of State. ‘Child Rights and the Media’ as a part of Children in Media Experiments
( CHIME-2013)
Department of Journalism and Mass Communication EFL
University, Shillong
With UNICEF, Assam.
National Seminar
31October & 01 November, 2013
48 Actively & Successfully participated Tata Fellows in Folklore National Folklore Support Centre, Chennai & Department of Cultural and Creative studies, NEHU, Shillong National Conference
24-26 September, 2013
47 Human Rights and Constitutional Reforms with Special Reference to Abolition of Untouchability and Role of Dr. B.R.Ambedkar. Dr. B.R.Ambedkar’s Ideas and Thoughts
Department of
Philosophy, NEHU,
National Seminar
11-12 March, 2013
46 Environmental Protection: Judicial Activism & the Future we Want. International Environmental Law, Trade Law, Information
Technology Law and Legal Education.
Faculty of Law, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi,  India. International
2-3 March, 2013
45 Directive Principles of State Policy and Judicial Process. 62 Years of Indian Constitution: Directive Principles of State Policy- Precepts & Practice. University College of Law, Osmania University, Hyderabad. National Seminar
9-10 February, 2013
44 Environmental Protection: Judicial Activism and Beyond. Good Governance, Sustainable Development
And Environmental Justice in SAARC Region.
Dept. of Law, University
Of North Bengal, India
1-2 December, 2012
43 Surrogacy- A Conceptual and Legal Analysis in 21st Century. Science, Technology and Law Reforms. Faculty of Law, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India. National Seminar
3-4 November- 2012
42 Human Rights of Industrial
Labour Vis-à-vis the Indian
Human Rights of Industrial Labour in 21st
Shri N.S.Patel Law College, Modasa
National Seminar
13-14 October- 2012
41 Right to Education: Conceptual
And Constitutional Dimensions.
Right to Education:
Constitutional Dynamics.
Faculty of Law, the
ICFAI Foundation for
Higher Education.
Hyderabad in Collaboration with National Commission for Protection of Child Rights, New Delhi.
National Seminar
18-19 August-2012
40 Honour Killing: Descend and Dimensions. Honour Killing Vis-à-vis Human Rights: Contemporary Issues and
University Law College,
Utkal University in collaboration with P.G. Dept. Of Law, Utkal University, Odisha
National Seminar
12-13 May- 2012
39 The need for Establishment of Counter Terrorism Centre in India. Terrorism-Issues and Challenges. Lajpat Rai Law College, Sambalpur University College of Law, Sambalpur, Odisha National Seminar
17-18 March- 2012
38 Alternative Dispute Resolution System in Justice Delivery System: Mediation and
Conciliation as a mode of ADR.
Changing Facets of Business and
Commercial Law.
Army Institute of Law,
Mohali. Chandigarh, Punjab
National Conference
18-19 February- 2012
37 Alternative Dispute Resolution System-Its advantages in disposing Civil  Justice
Delivery System.
Civil Justice Delivery
System: Its
Efficacy and Remedies in India.
Indian Institute of Legal
Studies, Dist. Darjeeling,
West Bengal, India
National Seminar
11-12 February- 2012
36 Lokpal Bill and Democratic
Lokpal in India: Issues
And Challenges.
Amity Law School at
Amity University,
Jaipur, Rajasthan
National Seminar
4th February,2012
35 Speedy Justice Through Alternative Resolution. Current Challenges and Reforms in Civil and Criminal Justice Deliverance System. Symbiosis Law College,
Pune, in collaboration with Law Commission of India & Gokhale Institute of Economics & Politics,pune
National Consultation
28th January, 2012
34 Protection of Women under the Domestic Violence Act. Crime Against Women: A Human Right Perspective L. R. Law College,
Sambalpur, University
College of Law, Sambalpur, Odisha
National Seminar
21-22 January-2012
33 Position and Status of Child: Legal Protection and Judicial Emancipation. Child Rights in India: Law, Policy
And Emerging Challenges.
Faculty of Law, Jai
Narain Vyas University,
Jodhpur, Rajasthan
National Seminar
28-29 December- 2011
32 Rights of Owner of Photograph under the Copyright Act, 1957. Intellectual Property Rights: Issues And Challenges. P.G. Department of Law
Berhampur University,
Berhampur, Odisha.
National Seminar
21-22 December- 2011
31 Democratic Decentralization and Local-Self Government, A need. Law, Justice and Social Transformation in India Madhusudhan Law College (UtkalUniversity) Cuttack, Odisha National Seminar
17-18 December- 2011
30 Right to Establish Educational Institutions as a Right to Occupation. Privatisation of Higher Education and Entry of Foreign Universities in
India: The Legal Challenges
Department of Law,
University of North-Bengal, Darjeeling, India
International Seminar
26-27 November-2011
29 Social Legislations for Working Women-Legal Possibilities. Women in Scientific Research-Examining the Challenges and    Identifying their needs. Department of
NEHU, Shillong, Meghalaya
National Roving Workshop
21-22 October-2011
28 Actively & Successfully participated Economic Growth and National Integration India International Friendship Society, New Delhi National Seminar
16 September, 2011
27 Poverty Alleviation, Right to Development and Human Rights Including Right to Food and Shelter. Human Rights in 21st Century:
The Issues and Challenges.
Department of Law, The
University of Burdwan
West Bengal, India
National Seminar
30-31 July- 2011
26 Actively & Successfully participated and organized the Seminar Maintenance of Teaching standards in Higher Education: Issues, Problems and Reforms North Eastern Hill University Teaches’ Association, NEHU, Shillong National Seminar
25-26 March, 2011
25 Legal Limitations of Freedom of Press. Media and Law for Stability And Social Change. Dinabandhu Sahu Law College, Kendrapara,
National Seminar
22-23 January-2011
24 Recent Reforms in the Legal Education
Introduced by the BCI- An Analysis
All India Law Teachers Congress on Law Teaching and Research:
Recent Developments.
School of Law,
KIIT University,
Bhubaneswar, Odisha
National Seminar
18-19 December-2010
23 Social Justice and Welfare State: A Reality and not a Myth. Social Justice and Welfare State: Myth and Realities. Department of Law
University of North-
Bengal, Darjeeling, West Bengal, India
National Seminar
27-28 November- 2010
22 Actively & Successfully participated Law & Governance The Bar Association of India, New Delhi Golden Jubilee National Conference
8-9 May, 2010
21 Actively & Successfully participated One India, One Bar The Bar Association of India, Delhi, held at Guwahati Town Club, Guwahati, Assam Golden Jubilee National Seminar
3 April, 2010
20 Legal Education in India Emerging Dimensions of Legal Education and Legal Profession in India in Globalised Situation The Department of Law, University of North Bengal, Darjeeling, West Bengal, India National Seminar
28 February &1 March, 2009
19 Actively & Successfully participated Ageing in India with Special Reference to North East India ICSSR North Eastern Regional Centre, NEHU Campus,Shillong National Seminar
1-2 October, 2008
18 Actively & Successfully participated Emerging Issues of Biotechnology, IPR and PPVFR Act Faculty of Law, University of Delhi, Chhaatra Marg, Delhi National Workshop 
13 September, 2008
17 Actively & Successfully participated Eighth Henry Dunant Memorial Moot Court Competition The Indian Society of International Law & International Committee of the Red Cross, New Delhi National Seminar
11-14 September, 2008
16 Reservation and Social Policy Reservation in India: An Arena of Policy Conflict Dhenkanal Law College, Dhenkanal, Odisha National Seminar
24-25 November, 2007
15 Actively & Successfully participated South Asia Regional Conference on Legal Education University School of Law and Legal Studies GGSIP University, Delhi SAARC Regional Conference
2-5 November, 2007
14 Population, Environment & Judiciary in India Population, Environment and Sustainable Development in India with Reference to North East The Centre for Adult and Continuing Education, NEHU, Shillong National Seminar
11-12 July, 2007
13 Actively & Successfully participated Fifth Henry Dunant Memorial Moot Court Competition The Indian Society of International Law & International Committee of the Red Cross, New Delhi National Seminar
16-18 September, 2005
12 Uniform Civil Code: A Constitutional Mandate Uniform Civil Code: A Constitutional Mandate G.M. Law College, Puri, Odisha State Level Seminar
25-26 December, 2004
11 Intellectual Property Rights: Challenges and Perspectives Intellectual Property Rights Department of Business Administration Sambalpus University Jyoti Vihar, Burla, Odisha International Seminar
3-4 March, 2004
10 Actively & Successhully participated Information Technology Orissa Information Technology Society Silicon Institute of Technology, Bhubaneswar, India International Conference
25 December, 2003
9 Evolution and Development of Intellectual Property rights Law of Intellectual Property Rights Dinabandhu Sahu Law College, Kendrapara, Odisha State Level Seminar
9 March, 2003
8 Actively & Successfully participated Does India need a Special Law for Prevention of Terrorism G.M. Law College, Puri, Odisha National Conference
31 March 2002
7 Actively & Successhully participated Copyright: Retrospect and Prospect University Law College, Utkal University Vanivihar, Bhubaneshwar, Odisha National Seminar
24-25 March, 2002
6 Actively & Successfully participated Freedom of Speech and Expression in 21st Century Dhenkanal Law College, Dhenkanal, Odisha National Seminar
9-10 December, 2000
5 Preventive Detention: A Necessary evil Preventive Detention & the Constitution of India Dhenkanal Law College, Dhenkanal, Odisha National Conference 26-27 March, 2000
4 Actively & Successfully participated Legal Education in India and Its Relevancy in Present Changing Socio-Political Scenario J.R. Law College Bhubaneshwar, Odisha National Seminar 
18 May, 1999
3 Procedure and Object of Constitutional Amendments Indian Constitution: The Need for a Review Dhenkanal Law College, Dhenkanal, Odisha State Level Seminar
27-28 March, 1999
2 Actively & Successfully participated Child Labour-Retrospect and Prospect University Law College, Utkal University Vanivihar, Bhubaneshwar, Odisha National Conference
27-28 may, 1995
1 Legal Aid to Poor & Social Justice Legal Aid to Poor & Social Justice The Law College, Cuttack, Odisha National Seminar
10-11 December, 1994