Dr. Ramona M. Sangma

Designation: Associate Professor

English Department (Tura Campus)


MA (English), NET, P.HD

Areas of Interest: 

Post Colonial Literature, Cultural Studies


10 years Under Graduate;  10 years Post Graduate Teaching Experience

PhD Awarded/ Supervised:

Title of Thesis/Dissertation Name of the Scholar Date of submission Date of award
The Quest for Cross-Cultural Identity in the Select Novels of Bharati Mukherjee. Cherik Donish D. Sangma 20/09/2016 07/07/2017
Dynamics of Anger and its Representation in Select Works of John Osbourne, Kingsley Amis and Alan Sillitoe Jena G. Momin 20/09/2016 15/01/2018
Alice Munro’s Short Fiction: A Critical Study Balakyntiew Syngkli  05/2/2019  


 Journals/ Book Chapters

  1. “ V.S. Naipaul’s Early Essays on India: A Post Colonial Perspective” in Protocol : Journal of Translation, Creative and Critical Writings. Vol II &III No. 1&2 Spring & Winter 2008/2009 pg 115-120. ISSN 0973-9807
  2. “Post Colonialism and Literature: An Overview” in Source: A Peer Reviewed Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Vol II, Aug 2012 pg 27-35 ISSN 2250-0642
  3. “Modern A’chik Poetry” Muse India: the literary ejournal. Jan-Feb 2013, pg 1-8  ISSN 0975-1815
  4. “Naipaul’s Kashmir Sojourn in An Area of Darkness” in Journal of Literature, Culture and Media Studies.  Vol V. 9&10 Jan-Dec 2013 pg 21-26 ISSN 0974-7192
  5. Editor Protocol : Journal of Translation, Creative and Critical Writings ISSN 0973-9807
  6. “Nation and Alienation: V.S. Naipaul’s Indian Trilogy” Problematics on Ethnicity. Identity and Literature
  7. (ISEIL-2012.  SPS Education India Pvt Ltd, Kolkata. 2012 pg 397-402 ISBN 978-81-924140-5-8
  8. “Sacred Groves: Their Significance and Importance among the Garos” Culture, Ethnicity and Identity: A Reader. DVS Publications, Guwahati 2014. Pg 258-262 ISBN 978-81-86307-77-9
  9. “Myths of Creation among Garos: The Beginnings of Garments and Tools” Deptt of Culture, Govt. of India. Delhi  2014 pg 57-60.  IGNCA, Govt. of India, Deptt of Culture & National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad.
  10. “Simsang” Protocol : Journal of Translation, Creative and Critical Writings Vol VII No I Spring 2013 ISSN 0973-9807
  11. “Just Asleep” (“Tusichiprimaia” trans.) Protocol : Journal of Translation, Creative and Critical Writings Vol VII No 1 Spring 2013 & Vol VII No 2 Winter 2013           ISSN 0973-9807

 Journals/ Book Chapters

  1. Cultural Conflict in V. S. Naipaul’s Indian Trilogy. Authorspress, New Delhi. 2013 ISBN 978-81-7273-716-0
  2. Illuminance: Wangala and Other Rituals of the Garos. Bidawe, Meghalaya.2018 ISBN 978-81-938203-0-8

Papers presented in Symposiums/ Confernces

Title of the Lecture/Paper Title of Conference/ Seminar, etc. Organizer
Chekov’s Cherry Orchard: Chronicling the Feudal Past. National Seminar on Profiling Social Change through Literature in Translation. 1&2 Nov.2006 Department of English, NEHU, Tura.
Sacred Groves: Their Importance and Significance among Garos National Seminar on Culture and Ethnic Persistence: Towards Understanding Identities. 5&6 Nov. 2009 Department of English, NEHU, Tura.
Patriarchy and Elements of Patriarchy in Garo Matrilineal Society.    Status of A’chik Women. 10&11 Sept. 2010 A’chik Literature Society, Tura
Forms of Resistance in Garo Literature National Seminar on Contemporary Ways and Voices of Resistance/Resilience 29 & 30 June 2012 EFLU, AKF, ICSSR Hyderabad.
Playfair and Carey: Justifications for Empire National Conference on Garo Worldview. 14 &15 nov 2013  Deptt of English & Philosophy, NEHU, Shillong
Introduction to Narratives (Myths) Resource Person at National Institute od Design, Ahmedabad. 15-19 July 2013 NID, Ahmedabad
Myths of Creation among Garos: The Beginnings of Garments and Tools. Threads of Change: Symposium on Textile Cultures of North East India. 7-8 Jan 2014 IGNCA, NID, Deptt of Culture, Govt. of India
Introduction to Narratives (Folklore) Resource Person at National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. 17-21 Aug. 2015 NID, Ahmedabad
Nationalism, Ethnicity and Indigeneity in A’chik Poetry. National Seminar on Recent Trends in Tribal Literatures of North East India. 28 Feb-1st Mar 2017. Sahitya Akademi
The Garo Woman and the Institution of Marriage down the Ages National Seminar on Women and Urbanity in North-East India through the Lens of Cultural Memory. 27-28 Nov 2017  
The Myth of Balpakram   (Oral Literature: the Creative Tradition of Myths) Sahitya Akademi National Seminar on Tribal and Oral Literature: Present Scenario. 22-23 Mar 2018  
Gender Roles and Empowerment Resource person on Gender Sensitization, Awareness and Campaigns. 9th April 2018  
Resource Person at Translation Workshop Sahitya Akademi Garo-English Translation Workshop 29-31 May 2018  
Research Methodology Resource Person at Faculty Development Programme. 5 June 2018  
Nation and Alienation : V.S. Naipaul’s Indian Trilogy International Seminar on Ethnicity, Identity, Literature. 11-14 Oct. 2012  

आज का शब्द/ Today’s word
नियतन / Allocation

आज का विचार/ Thoughts of the Day
असफलता से डरो मत, असफलता नहीं , बल्कि छोटा लक्ष्य बनाना अपराध है। महान प्रयासों में असफल होना भी शानदार होता है   | Don’t Fear Failure. Not Failure, but low Aim, is the crime. In Great Attempts it is Glorious Even to Fail.