Prof. Susmita Sengupta

Political Science Department

Designation: Professor


MA, M.Phil, Ph.D (North-Eastern Hill University, Shillong)

Areas of Interest/Specialization: 

Indian Politics, Political Economy, Politics of  Northeast India


Teaching in NEHU since 1994. Taught in Government Colleges of Arunachal Pradesh during 1991-1994. 

Research Projects:

UGC-SAP Project completed in 2014.

Awards (if any): 

Awarded National Scholarship and Merit Scholarship for securing 8th position in High School Leaving Certificate Examination. Awarded Gold Medal as University Topper in MA (Political Science) in 1985 and was felicitated by late PM Rajiv Gandhi at a Toppers’ Reception in New Delhi in 1986.

Phd Awarded/Supervised: 

Six Ph.D and two M.Phil awarded till September 2019. Supervising 4 Ph.D and 1 M.Phil. till September, 2019.

Academic affiliations (if any):

Served as a member of the Programme Committee of the Annual International Conferences of Political Science, Sociology and International Relations (PSSIR) organized by Global Science and Technology Forum(GSTF) and held in Singapore in 2014, 2015 and 2016.



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Articles in Conference Proceedings

  1. “Self-determination and Ethnic Identity: Reflecting on the Perceptions of the Elite in Meghalaya and Arunachal Pradesh” in Pre-Conference Proceeding Volume, ISEIL, 2012, Anooradha Chakrabarty Barua and Hemanta Kr. Nath (eds). Problematics on Ethnicity, Identity and Literature, Sibsagar College, Joysagar, Assam, ISBN: 978-81-924140-5-8, pp.652-656.
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Papers presented in Conferences/Seminars:

  1. Presented papers in International and National Conference/Seminars in India and abroad. Delivered lectures and Key Note Address.