NIQ for supply, installation & commissioning of Spice Grinding Pulveriser/Hammer Mill

Sealed quotations are invited from reputed manufacturers/authorized dealers/vendors for supply, installation & commissioning of following equipment required for the TRIFED Project of Sasi kumar.R Department of Agribusiness Management and Food Technology, NEHU Tura Campus, Tura, Meghalaya.

Items with specifications:

1). Spice Grinding Pulveriser/Hammer Mill ( Complete Grinding Unit) The pulveriser/Hammer Mill should be a laboratory scale unit. The purpose of the Pulveriser/Hammer mill is to fine grind spices, dried bay leafs, chilies, hard grains, etc.,

  1. Laboratory scale Unit
  2. Used to pulverize the Dried bay leafs, Spices and whole grains, barley and rye.
  3. Standard sieve hole diameter : 0.8mm
  4. Grinding capacity: 50 – 100 gr / 1minute depending upon product density. 

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