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Kyllang Hall of Residence
This Hostel is named after one of the two gigantic peaks, “Lum Kyllang” and “Lum Symper”, located near Weiloi Village of Mawsynram (the place with the highest rainfall in the world) in West Khasi Hills . The Khasi legend associated with them tells of the spirits of two brothers, Kyllang and Symper that dwell there. These siblings engage in quarrels and fights. While Kyllang throws mud at his brother, Symper, in retaliation throws stones. Hence, today we can see Kyllang is a peak full of rocks (supposedly thrown at him) while Symper is full of mud.
Kyllang Halls of Residence, named after one of these peaks, is a hostel for Post graduate Male students of the University. It is a three- storied, triple-seater building, with a seating capacity of 100 students.
Warden Dr. (Ms.) Sudipta Ghosh
Department of Anthropology
Phone 0364-2723106 (O)
9402197793 (M)
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