Addendum II for Tender Notice regarding providing of Security Services in NEHU Campus

In continuation of the Terms and conditions for submitting of tender by the private security agency for providing security services in NEHU Campus the following addendum may kindly be read as addition: i. to the terms and conditions; ii: to Annexure B: Technical Bid. The last date for submission is hereby extended for 10 days till 29/07/19


  1. The Service Provider having experience in providing security services in the Central Government Educational Institutions shall be given preference.
  2. Documentary evidence of having own training facilities for regular training and up gradation of skill for security personnel must be enclosed. The University may be allowed to verify the same before the allotment work to the service provider.
  3. The firm should have an annual turnover of Rs 2.5 crores during the last three years in place of Rs 40 lakhs as given in sl. 28 of the main terms and conditions already published.
  4. The entire responsibility for taking Security deployment shall be that of the Agency. In case of major theft or breaking in, if a Joint Enquiry Committee (includes members from Institute and agency), establishes that theft or loss or damages has been caused due to the negligence of the Agency or any of its employees, the institute will be entitled for re-imbursement by the Agency for the said monetary loss as decided by the Committee. The Committee will also consider the Police Investigation Report in such cases, if, necessary. The amount shall be recovered from the agency within 30 days from the date of decision of the said Committee or otherwise shall be released from the Security deposit retained with the Institute, if the amount so pursuits and the Party shall, unless such deposit has become otherwise payable, within 10 days after such deduction make good in cash the amount so deducted.
  5. The Agency shall provide metal detector (hand type & door type) as a security measures as and when required by the Institute and the cost will be borne by the agency.
  6. The agency shall ensure presence of correct number of persons contracted on duty. In case of absence from duty due to sickness, leave, etc, the Agency shall ensure replacement and manning of all security locations without any additional liabilities to the Institute.
  7. The Agency shall be responsible for engaging adequately trained male and female security personnel required for providing good security services.
  8. The Agency shall clearly mention the percentage of service charges for providing services
  9. NEHU reserves all the rights to make any changes in the terms and conditions of the tender and also to reject any or all bids without assigning any reason thereof.

Addendum II