NOTIFICATION: Suspension of Academic Departments on account of Novel Corona Virus (Covid -19)

Published date: 16-03-2020

In pursuance of the Government of Meghalaya Order No EDN/218/2017/89 dated 16thMarch, 2020 to prevent the pandemic condition arising out of the outbreak of Novel Corona Virus (Covid -19) and as a precautionary measure it is hereby notified that

  1. All the classes in the Academic Departments of the University shall remain suspended with immediate effect till 31/03/2020.
  2. All the students residing in the Hostels are advised to inform in writing to their respective Wardens before leaving the Hostel. The students are required to bring Medical Fitness Certificate at the time of returning back to the University Campus. Re-entry into the Hostel is subject to the production of the Medical Fitness Certificate.
  3. The students are also advised to make their own travel arrangement within 2 days, thereafter the Hostels will be closed.
  4. All Administrative Offices will remain open for normal function of the University during this period.
  5. All Seminars/Workshops/Internal Test scheduled stand cancelled/postponed till further order.
  6. Students are also requested to check the NEHU website ( for further communication or this regard from time to time.

These issues with the approval of the Vice-Chancellor.