Prof. B. M. Jyrwa

Physics Department

Designation: Professor

Qualifications: Ph.D

Areas of Interest/Specialization:     Nuclear Physics both Nuclear Structure and Nuclear Reactions, applied Nuclear Physics, Nuclear data evaluation,  covariance studies , and analysis of some rare soil and rocks  found in Jaintia Hills.

Experience: undergraduate  teaching :- 7yrs, postgraduate and  Ph.D course work almost 35

Publications / Books : publications in conferences, symposiums, talks aa well as referred journals     :- 35 , books: 2 

Research projects : completed 2 projects

Awards:- JJM Nichols Roy Award

Ph.D awarded : 6 awarded,   1 under supervision

Administrative responsibilities undertaken :- Headship of Physics Dept, Dean School of Physics Sciences, member of Finance Committee , member of Disciplinary committee  Exam section, ICC Chairperson of Tura Campus.

Academic Affiliations :- member of advisory board  in the Physics Dept of Gauhati University with respect to setting up an accelerator. Member of BOS of Donbosco   University  as well as in the committee for conducting talks, conferences, symposia  organized by  the Physics Dept Donbosco University.

Papers presented in conferences/seminars:-  12

Collaboration:- BARC,  SINP , IAEA