Dr. Doneti Sivaji

History & Archaeology Department, Tura Campus

Designation: Assistant Professor


  • PhD - Research Area – Contemporary Business History: Title of the work is “Business History: A study of Entrepreneurial Change with Reference to Hyderabad (1900-2000) from Hyderabad Central University (HCU), Hyderabad (2010).
  • M.Phil - Research area is on “Intellectual History” (An Ideological Study on Colonial Caste), From HCU, Hyderabad.2002-03.
  • M.A- History., B.A- (IRPM) Industrial Relations, Personal Management, From Nagarjuna University, Guntur.1995-98.

Areas of specialization

  • Business History, Studies on Entrepreneurship, Studies on Caste, Ancient, Medieval, Modern, Post Modern Indian History and World History.

Coordinated Projects/Trainings Programmes

  • (2014), Coordinated Skill Training Program in food Processing Industry at NEHU- Tura Campus from 22-27 April 2014, sponsored by NIFTEM (Ministry of Food Technology) organized by NI-MSME Hyderabad.
  • (2010), Worked as coordinator for an International Entrepreneurship development training program, conducted by Association of Lady Entrepreneurs of Andhra Pradesh (ALEAP) in Association with SAARC CHAMBER OF WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS COUNCIL (SCWEC) from 23rd July to 9th August, 2010 in Hyderabad.
  • (2004), Worked as Project Coordinator on Financial Management Practices of Seasonal migrant workers of Andhra Pradesh, commissioned by INDIAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT, AHMADABAD (IIMA) From Jan to June 2004. Glocal Research Organization, Hyderabad.

Member in Academic Bodies

  • Member in Andhra Pradesh History Congres
  • Member in Scholl Board Meetings School of Social Sciences, NEHU-Shilling.
  • Member in the Board of Studies in Sociology, NEHU-Shillong.
  • Member in the Board of Studies in History, NEHU-Shillong.
  • Member in the Board of Studies in History & Archaeology, NEHU-Tura Campus.
  • Member in Various College Inspection Teams Constituted by Vice Chancellor, NEHU.
  • Member in Examinations Squad Teams Constituted by Vice Chancellor, NEHU.

Administrative Responsibilities

  • Convener, for North East Green Summit-2017, NEHU-Tura Campus.
  • Member in Condemnation Committee- 2017, NEHU-Tura Campus.
  • Worked at all levels with respect to the Departmental administration, History/ Archaeology, NEHU-Tura Campus

Research Projects

Projects Completed

  • (2015-2016) Project titled as “Tribal entrepreneurship: self-employment promotion of livelihood practices of educated unemployed youth with reference to Agency areas of Telangana and Andhra Regions, ICSSR- New Delhi.



  • Doneti Sivaji (2016) “Reformation Nationalism and Hegemony in India
    with Reference to Colonial Andhra, Desh Vikas Publications, Visaka Patnam, ISBN: 978-81-932358-0-5.

Chapters Published in Edited Books

  • Doneti Sivaji (2016), Business History: Apprehensions in promoting Entrepreneurship with reference to North Eastern India-A Historical Analysis, in the Book, Entrepreneurship: A Drive towards socio economic Development, edited by Khundrakpam Devanada Singh, Published by Manas Publishers distributors, Jaipur, ISBN-978-93-83231-23-2. Pp.25-30.
  • Doneti Sivaji (2015), Post Liberalization: Entrepreneurship in Pharmaceutical business, In the Book, Entrepreneurship Development issues and Perspectives, Edited by Jaynal Ud-Din Ahmad, Khundrakpam Devanad Singh, New Century Publications, New Delhi, ISBN-9788177084146. pp.33-41.

PAPERS IN Journals International

  • Doneti Sivaji (2016), The essence of the Business History for Entrepreneurs, Managers, and to management students, Social Vision (International Journal of Social Sciences, Humanities, Commerce and Management) Volume :3, Issue (1), April-June- 2016.
  • Doneti Sivaji (2015), “Business History: Redefining Entrepreneurship in Indian Context”, International Journal of Applied Management Research, Vol-2, No.2, 2015, ISSN-2347-2839, pp-77-83.
  • Doneti Sivaji (2013) “Adi-Andhra Reform Movement in Colonial Andhra”, Historical Perspective, Journal of International Academic Research for Multidisciplinary (JIARM), Vol-1, Issue -5, June 2013, ISSN-2320-5083, pp-334-345.

PAPERS IN Journals

  • Doneti Sivaji (2015), Constitutional safeguards and the sustenance of Dominance in Colonial Andhra, Journal of Desh Vikash, Issue-3, Vol-2, October-December-2015, ISSN-2394-1782, pp. 23-30.
  • Doneti Sivaji (2013) “Caste Tradition and its legitimacy in Colonial India” Manviki a Journal of Humanity and Social Sciences Vol-6, 2013. pp.76-82.

Papers PUBLISHED IN Conference Proceedings

  • Doneti Sivaji (2013) “Growth of women Entrepreneurship in 20th Century” Publication Proceedings of National Seminar organized by Deptt of History, DAR College Nuzvid, Sponsored by UGC with the collaboration of Acharya Nagarjuan University, Nagarjuna Nagar, 6th and 7th Sept-2013. pp.4-6.
  • Doneti Sivaji (2005) “Ambadkar and Gandhi, Communal Award” Mahatma Gandhi National Institute of Research and Social Action MGNIRSA, Conference Volume, 28th -29th Dec, 2005, pp-160.


  • (2015) Participated in the Faculty Development Programme(FDP) on “Modern Teaching Pedagogies in management education” from 1st to 7th December,2015, Organized by the Deptt of Management, NEHU-Tura Campus, Sponsored by ICSSR-NER Centre, Shillong.
  • (2014) Participated in North Eastern workshop On LATEX a document Preparation System held on 16th -17th Sep, 2014, Organized by Deptt of MCA, NEHU-Tura Campus.
  • (2014)Paper Presented on “Business history: 18th Century a Notable shift in Indian Banking System”, ICSSR Sponsored National Seminar on Emerging trends of Financial Services in India held on 20th -21st Nov,2014), organized by Deptt of Management, NEHU-Tura Campus.
  • (2014)Paper Presented on the title “Post 1990s:Growth of Pharma Entrepreneurship with reference to Hyderabad” ICSSR sponsored  International Seminar on Entrepreneurship in the fast changing Society: The  socio economic Perspective held on 26th -27th June ,2014, organized by the Deptt of Management, NEHU-Tura Campus. 
  • (2014)Paper Presented titled as Business History: A study on the Entrepreneurship with reference to Tura town,  ICSSR Sponsored  National seminar organized by the department of History/Archaeology and Deptt of Garo, North Eastern Hill University Tura, held on June 5-7 , 2014.
  • (2013)Paper presented on “Growth of Women Entrepreneurship in 20th Century”, UGC sponsored National Seminar on “Status of women in India during 20th Century-A Historical Perspective held on 6th -7th Sept, 2013, Organized by Dharma Apparao College, Nuzvid, Andhra Pradesh.
  • (2013) Paper presented Titles as “Apprehensions of Entrepreneurship with Reference to North East, Historical Perspective” in the National seminar on “Entrepreneurship: A drive towards Socio-Economic Development of North East Region” organised by Department of Management, North Eastern Hill University, Tura Campus, Meghalaya on 4th June 2013.
  • (2011)Participated in the “One Day workshop on Tourism Culture and Heritage” Held on 20th July 2011, at Dr.Y.S.Rajashekhara Reddy National Institute of Tourism & Hospitality Management, Hyderabad.
  • (2011) “Creation of Caste system In Colonial India” Paper presented in the Young Scholars Colloquium on “The state of Research On Human Rights: Prospective and Retrospective” held during 1-2 February-2011,Centre For Human rights, University of Hyderabad.
  • (2010), Participated in an International Symposium, organized by Association of Lady Entrepreneurs of Andhra Pradesh, on Comprehensive Entrepreneurship, at Visakhapatnam, from 4th Dec-6th Dec, 2010.
  • (2010), Paper presented, titled as Business History and Transforming entrepreneurship in Hyderabad during Post Liberalization Period, at 33rd International Social science Congress, March 5th-10th 2010, Hyderabad.
  • (2010), Paper presented, titled The Early establishments of Hyderabad business 1800-1900, at Andhra Pradesh History Congress xxxiv Session, 23-24, February 2010, J.K.C. College, Guntur. Andhra Pradesh.
  • (2009), Paper presented, titled Business History: Understanding Entrepreneurship in Hyderabad, in Scholars History Forum, Department of History, Hyderabad Central University 28th Aug, 2009.
  • (2009), Paper submitted in Telangana History Congress titled as The Roots of the Hyderabad entrepreneurship. Osmania University Hyderabad 2009.
  • (2005), A study of Adi-Andhra Reform Movement in Colonial Andhra. Paper presented in National seminar at Mangalore University, Held on 5th sept, 2005.
  • (2005), Ambadkar and Gandhi; Communal Award, Levels of Consciousness a clash of interests in Modern Andhra. Paper presented in national conference on Dr, Ambadkar’s   Vision: relevance to contemporary India (28th -29th Dec 2005). Organized by AmbadkarCentre for Social Action (ACRSA) of Mahatma Gandhi National Institute of Research and Social Action (MGNIRSA) an institute of Dr. Swaminadhan Foundation (DRSF). Hyderabad.


  • (2015) “Entrepreneurship A Theoretical Understanding: historical perspective” special lecture on Entrepreneurship held on 18- 03-2015, organized by the Deptt of Management, NEHU-Tura Campus.
  • (2014) Invited to give special lecture on the topic “Merchant networks of ancient Silk route with some Archaeological evidences” in Ten-day workshop titled as “the Introduction to Archaeology” held from June------------- Organized by the Department of History/Archaeology, NEHU-Tura Campus.
  • (2014) “What management students Could Learn from the Business History” given special Lecture on Entrepreneurship held on 12-11-2014, organized by the Deptt of Management –NEHU-Tura, Campus.
  • (2014)Gave Invite lecture on the topic “Does Business History a matter management Students” title as motivational Lecture held on 21-05-2014, organized by the Deptt of management, NEHU-Tura Campus.
  • (2014)Gave Invited lecture on “Understanding Entrepreneurship” held on 17th and 18th June 2014 at Nova College Engineering & Technology Andhra Pradesh.
  • (2013),Gave a Lecture on “Entrepreneurship and Agribusiness Management” on 18th April 2013, at Acharya N.G.Ranga Agricultural University, Agricultural College, Aswaraopeta, Khammam District, Andhra Pradesh.
  • (2010),Gave lectures on entrepreneurship development, for the scheme PMEGP conducted by NI-MSME (NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF MEDIUM SMALL MICRO ENTERPRISE) 14-06-2010 to 26-06-2010, Hyderabad. (chaired the session)