Mr. Amitabha Nath

Information Technology Department

Designation: Assistant Professor


  • M. Tech (Information Technology)
  • M. Sc. (Computer Science)

Area of Interest

Data Analytics, Machine learning, Geo-Informatics

Teaching Experience

  1. Assistant Professor, Department of Information Technology NEHU, since July 2012.


A. International Journals

  1. A. Nath, A. Bortiew, G. Saha, “Changed Detection of Landsat 8 Imagery using Object Based Image Analysis with Particle Swarm Optimization”, International Journal of Intelligent Enterprise, DOI: 10.1504/IJIE. 2020.10020950, 2019.
  2. A. Nath, F. Mthethwa, G. Saha, “Runoff estimation using modified Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System”, Environmental Engineering Research, doi:
  3. A. Nath, S. Kar, G. Saha, "Rainfall forecasting using optimized Support Vector Regression Technique", Journal of Web Engineering and Technology, vol 6, No. 15, Pages 11-16, 2019.

B. International/National Conf. Proc.

  1. A. Nath, P. Mawlong, G. Saha, “River body extraction using convolutional neural network”, Proceedings of the International conference on recent trends in electronics and computer science (ICRTECS-2019), Vol-24, Pages 127, Mar, 2016.
  2. K. Amitab, G. Saha, A. Nath, D. Kandar, “Detection of Lung Cancer based on Observing Nodule size variation in CT scan Images”, International Conference on  Computing and Communication Systems  2015 (I3CS’15), Vol. 1, Pages 114-117, 9th – 10th April,  Shillong, 2015.
  3. Nath, A., Mthethwa, F., Saha, G., (2019). Rainfall-runoff estimation using adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system with particle swarm optimization technique. In: Proc. of International conference on chemistry and environmental sustainability (ICCES-2019), MZU Aizawl, Mizoram. p. 105.

C. Book Chapters:

  1. D. Srivastava, A. Nath, G. Saha, “River Length Calculation using Map Data”, International conference on computing and communication systems (I3CS’16), Vol-24, Pages 821-828, Nov, 2016.
  2. A. Nath, G. Saha, “A study on the performance of Rough Set, Random Forest and SVM with respect to Diagnosis of Breast Cancer using micro array data”, 7th International Conference on Electrical, Electronic, Computing and Communication Systems (EECCS’15), Vol-I, Pages 35-38, Jan, 2015.