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National Commission for Minority Educational Institutions Affiliation

A special Act has been passed in Parliament whereby Minority Educational Institutions from any part of the country may seek affiliation to any six identified Universities. NEHU is one of them.

The College Development Council (CDC) links the University with the colleges under its jurisdiction. The colleges have to apply for affiliation to the University. When a college desires to start a new course, it has to apply for a temporary affiliation to the same. There are a number of criteria to meet for obtaining affiliation; the most important among them relate to adequacy of infrastructure (land, building, class rooms), financial strength, number of teachers with prescribed qualification, library facilities and number of books/volumes in the subject of concern and so on. On application for affiliation, the CDC sends a team to visit the college, whose recommendations are put up before the Affiliation Committee of the University.

New colleges are often temprarily affiliated for a specified number of years. So are the courses taught in these colleges. On satisfying certain criteria under the University Ordinance/regulations/rules, colleges are given permanent affiliation.

CDC has encouraged the colleges under NEHU to appoint teachers with requisite qualifications as per norms set through regulations. More stress has been given in improving the library holdings. Eligible colleges are advised to introduce Vocational subjects.

More teachers are advised to submit Minor Research Projects to the U.G.C. and a good number of cases are cleared by the U.G.C.

Recommendations of the Committee to Work out the Structure for the Under-Graduate Courses And the Calendar for the Under - Graduate Programmes (PDF)