National Seminar on Entrepreneurship - The Rural Perspectives

About the Seminar:

A country, which may be underdeveloped and developing, cannot become a developed one without having a productive entrepreneurial environment. The foundation of development of a country is to find out the means of human capital for the best use of available resources. Increasing unemployment is the serious and chronic problem of our economy. Human resources with other resources like material, money and machineries, for resulting sustainable employment and income generation deserves necessary action. It is considered that most problems associated with social tension and youth unrest are due to educated youths not being engaged in productive work. The only viable option to mitigate this problem is to change the attitude from “wage employment opportunities” to “self employment career”. Such alternate way through entrepreneurship could help the society in defusing social tension and unrest.

Entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship are the backbone of our economy. It provides all the needed items/goods/services etc. to the people. But, entrepreneurs including prospective entrepreneurs may have their own problems. These may be lack of knowledge in the field, inability to generate and screen project ideas, training needs, unavailability of timely and adequate finance, problems in marketing, poor technical knowledge etc. for their business operations. These problems are more prevailed in rural India. Therefore, it is the alarming need to aware and discuss deeply in the field of entrepreneurship for effective and efficient outcome.

In this regard, the seminar is considered to be organized by the Department of Management, NEHU, Tura Campus, Meghalaya.

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