Dr. A. Sinha

Basic Sciences & Social Sciences Department

Designation: Associate Professor


M.Sc. Physical Chemistry (1983) Lucknow University, Ph.D. Chemistry (1992) North-Eastern Hill University, Shillong 

Administrative position(s):

Areas of Interest/Specialization: 

Surfactant-solute Interaction in aqueous phase, Environmental Chemistry, Climate change studies, machine automation and its application for convenient and safe ecosystem 


Teaching: 28 years at Dept. of Chemistry, Pachhunga University College, NEHU, Aizawl and Dept. of B.S.S.S., School of Technology, NEHU, Shillong

Research: 21 years 


3 research papers (2 International, Peer reviewed and 1National, Peer reviewed)

Papers presented in Conferences/ Seminars:  1

X National Conference on Surfactants, Emulsions & Bio-colloids, Dept. of Chemistry, NEHU, Shillong, 2001

Awards (if any):                                    

  1. 1st Prize to a team product/innovation - Start Up India Yatra  Project Meghalaya, 2019 at IIM, Shillong, February, 2019 (patent filed)
  2. Another innovation/idea selected for Pre-incubation offer in Start Up India Yatra Project Meghalaya, 2019 event

Administrative responsibilities undertaken:                                         

  1. Head of Department of B.S.SS. from November,2009 to Nov,2011 and from November, 2016 for three years
  2. Member of the Organising Committee of the 96th Indian Science Congress at NEHU, Shillong, January, 2009
  3. Chairman, Departmental Purchase Committee from November, 2009 to November, 2011 and since November 2016
  4. Member, Steering Committee of Incubation Centre of NEHU, from August, 2018 till 19th August, 2019
  5. Member, Management Committee of Incubation Centre, NEHU, 19th  August, 2019 onward
  6. Member, Editorial Board, NEHU Annual Report since   April, 2017
  7. Nodal Officer of NEHU for the North-East India Education Summit at NEHU in collaboration with Dept. of Higher Education, Govt. of Mizoram, Facebook and Josh Talks, Gurugram, October, 2018 
  8. Nodal Officer of NEHU for Election Awareness Campaign, "Citizen Townhall" at NEHU in collaboration with Election Commission of Meghalaya and Josh Talks, Gurugram, March, 2019
  9. Nodal Officer of NEHU for the Interaction Programme of the U.K. Universities on Higher Education Tour to NEHU, Shillong, September, 2019

Academic affiliations

  1. Member Academic Council from 2009 to 2011 and since 2016 for three years
  2. Examination Moderation Board Member of NEHU since 2007
  3. Member, BoS, Dept. of Biomedical Engineering, NEHU since April, 2016 for three years.
  4. Member, BoS, Dept. of Computer Applications, NEHU since July, 2019 for three years.
  5. Member, Board of School of Technology, NEHU from November, 2009 to November, 2011 and November, 2016 for hree years
  6. Nominated member of ISCA, Kolkata for ISCA-Shillong Chapter since 2017
  7. Member of the Organising Committee of Annual Meeting of Indian Academy of Science, Bangalore, at NEHU, Shillong, November 2017                                                          
  8. Subject Coordinator of the course of Engineering Chemistry in the Dept. of B.S.S.S., School of Technology, NEHU from 2006-2009
  9. Organised One Day Workshop on IPR, Patent and Trade Mark at School of Technology, NEHU, Shillong in collaboration with Intellectual Property Office, Kolkata, March 2019   
  10. Organised two day Workshop & Hands-on training Programme on AI & ML at School of Technology, NEHU, March, 2019
  11. Conducted Popular Science Project Work (Chemistry of day-to-day life) in the DST, INSPIRE Programme, Dept. of BSSS, NEHU, November, 2010
  12. Active member of the Organising Committee for the event of Commemoration of Birth Anniversaries of Madam Curie & Sir C.V.Raman, November, 2015 & 2016

Patents (if any):  1

  1. Indian Patent Application No. TEMP/E-1/20918/2019-KOL. “Automated Vehicle Accident and Theft Prevention Device.” (Applicants - Prof. G.Saha & Dr. A.Sinha)

Any other information: 

  1. Life Member of Indian Society of Surface Science &  Technology, India since 2001
  2. Life Member of Indian Science Congress since 2009
  3. Member of the Executive Committee of NEHU Teachers’ Association (NEHUTA), 2013-2015
  4. General Secretary of NEHUTA and Member, National Executive Body of FEDCUTA, 2015-2017
  5. Jt. Secretary, NEHU Alumni Association, 2016-2018, 2018-2019, and Secretary in-charge since June, 2019
  6. Member Advisory Committee of the Star Status St. Edmund’s College, Shillong
  7. Organiser of the NEHU annual event of National Unity Day since October, 2015