Mr. Sasikumar R

Agri-Business Management and Food Technology (Tura)

Designation: Assistant Professor

Joined NEHU on



  1. National Eligibility Test (NET) conducted by ICAR in Food Science & Technology in 2001
  2. ICAR (Indian Council of Agricultural Research) JRF in M.Sc,-1999 2001 


Name of the Employer Post Held           Period
North Eastern Hill University, Shillong, Meghalaya, India Assistant Professor (Food Technology) Aug 2012 to Till Now
( 6 years and 7 months)
Central Agricultural University (CAU) Imphal, Manipur, India. Assistant Professor      (Food Technology) Aug 2010 to  Aug 2012
(2 years)
Total Years in Teaching/Research as Assistant Professor Level 8 Years and 7 Months
Designation Name of Employer Date of Total Years
Joining Leaving  
R&D Manager Quality Control Manager R&D Manager VVD& Sons PVT Ltd, Chennai- India
(FMCG and Food Industry) Sarl Snax,(Multinational Company- Swiss and France Collaborated), France
(FMCG and Food Industry) Padworth  Company Limited-Multinational company-Hong Kong
(FMCG and Food Industry)
09/2001 05/2005 07/2008 05/2005 07/2008 08/2010 3 Years and 8 Months 3 Years and 2 Months 2 Years and 1 Months
Total Industry Experience 8 Years & 11 Months
9 Years
Total Professional Experiences
( Academic/Research/Industry)
17 Years and         6 Months


Sl. No.

Teaching /Research (UG/PG)

No. Of Years

No .of Guided Students/ PG


Central Agricultural University




North Eastern Hill University

6.7 Years

4 ( PG Students)

Research Projects


Sl. No. Title Funding Agency Period Major/
Project Value (Rs in Lakhs)
1 “Low cost process development and quality evaluation of carbonated beverages made from Aloe vera Gel blend with extract of Amla, Sweet lime and Ginger in Meghalaya- North Eastern Region” Ministry of Food processing Industries, New Delhi 2012-2014 Major (PI) 32.00
2 Development of low cost process technology for extraction of oleoresin, essential oils and its value added products from Tejpatta ( Cinnamomum tamala ) and creating entrepreneurship for tribal people of Meghalaya TRIFED, New Delhi Government of India 2017-2020 Major (PI) 25.00
3 Value addition of banana (Musa. sp) and creating small scale enterprises of Meghalaya tribal community though minimal processing technology DBT-NER Banana, DBT, Government of India. 2018-2021 Major (PI) 71.06
4 Prebiotics and probiotics enriched sausages for entrepreneurship development in North-East India. DBT-NER Duck, DBT, Government of India 2018-2021 Major (PI) 45.00
5 Extraction and characterisation of functional phytochemicals from khoonphal (Haematocarpus validus) of Meghalaya and its value addition DST-SERB-CRF, Government of India 2018-2021 Major (PI) 28.00


Research Article

  1. Sasikumar R, Ray RC, Paul PK, Suresh CP (2013). Development and Storage Studies of Therapeutic Ready to Serve (RTS) Made from Blend of Aloe vera, Aonla and Ginger Juice. Journal of Food Processing Technology 4 (5): 232-237
  2. Sasikumar,R (2013). Low Cost Process Development of Cheese Spread from Buffalo Milk by Using Exogenous Enzymes and Quality Evaluation. Beverage & Food World. 40 (7): 63-66
  3. Sasikumar,R (2013). Effect of processing on physiochemical and sensory parameters of low calorie therapeutic RTS beverage blend of Aloe Vera and Aonla Fruit using artificial sweeteners. Asian Journal of Food and Agro-Industry 6 (6): 337-346
  4. Sasikumar R (2014). Studies on prospects and constraints of Agro-based food processing Industries in North East India. Journal Agriculture and Technology. 1 (2): 66-71
  5. Sasikumar R (2015). Preparation of therapeutic RTS beverage from Aloe Vera gel and Aonla fruit juice evaluation of storage stability. Asian Journal of Dairy and Food Research. 34 (2): 151-155
  6. Sasikumar R (2015). Development, quality evaluation and shelf life studies of probiotic beverages using whey and aloe vera juice. J Food Process Technol 6 (9): 1-5.              
  7. Sasikumar R and Vevak (2015). Process development therapeutic RTS beverages from blend of Aloe vera and pineapple. Journal Agriculture and Technology. 2 (2):7-14
  8. Sasikumar R and Sankar Chandra Deka (2015). Studies on the Process Development and Shelf Life of Low Calorie Therapeutic Aloe Vera RTS Beverage by Using Artificial Sweetener. Madras Agricultural Journal. 102 (7-9): 298-302
  9. Sasikumar R, Jha Y.K and Chakaravarthy S (2015).Studies on Encapsulated Enzymes to Accelerate Proteolyses in Cheddar Cheese. International Journal of Food and Nutritional Science. 4 (5): 32-37.
  10. Sasikumar R (2015). Storage Stability of Functional Beverages Prepared from Aloe vera, Blended with Bael Fruit. International Journal of Food Quality and Safety. 1: 39-44.
  11. Sasikumar R, Vevak and Anilkumar (2015). Effect on partial substitution of sweet potato flour on the quality of white wheat bread: Organic Sweet potato grown from West Garo Hill, Meghalaya, North East India. Journal of Root crops. 41 (1): 48-55
  12. Sasikumar R & Vevak (2016). Optimization of sugar substitutes in therapeutic beverages using response surface methodology. International J. Agricultural and Food Science.6 (2): 19-23.
  13. Vivek K, Pratibha S, and Sasikumar R (2016). Optimization of Iron Rich Extruded Moringa oleifera Snack Product for Anaemic People Using Response Surface Methodology (RSM). Journal of Food Process Technology 7 (12): 1-6
  14. Vivek K, Sabyasachi Mishra, Sasikumar R (2017). Effect of ultra-sonication on postharvest quality parameters and microbial load on Docynia indica. Scientia Horticulturae (225)163–170.
  15. Sasikumar R, Vivek K, Chakaravarthy S, Deka SC (2017) Effect of Post-harvest Quality Parameters on Ultra-Sonication Treatment of Khoonphal (Haematocarpus validus) of Meghalaya, North-East India. J Food Process Technol 8: 668. doi: 10.4172/2157-7110.1000668.
  16. Sasikumar R, Sankar Chandra Deka (2018) Influence of thermosonication treatments on bioactive compounds and sensory quality of fruit (Haematocarpus validus) juice. J Food Processing and Preservation, doi: 10.1111/jfpp.13701.


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Sr.No No. of Conference/Seminar/ Symposium presented National/International
1 24 National
2 8 International
3 7 Invited speaker


  1. IDF (International Dairy Federation)- Life Member
  2. AFST (Association of Food Science and Technology)- Life Member
  3. CPF (Centre for Processed Food) –Life Member
  4. COBACAS (Cooch Behar Association for Cultivation of Agricultural Science)- Life Member
  5. MASU (Madras Agricultural Student Union)- Life Member