Prof. H.J. Syiemlieh

Designation: Professor

Geography Department

Joined NEHU on



M.A., Ph.D.(NEHU, Shillong)

Area of Interest

Geomorphic Processes, Environmental Changes


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  • 1998
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  • 2011
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Monographs & Reports:

  • 1998 Singh,S and Syiemlieh, H.J.: Integrated Watershed Management (A Case Study of Upper Wah Umran Basin), Monograph No. GE/Mg Gov/Field/SS, Dept. of Geography, North Eastern Hill University.
  • 2004 Starkel, L, Singh,S, Froehlich,W, Soja,R, Syiemlieh, H.J. and Prokop,P: Monograph on ‘Rainfall, Runoff and Soil Erosion in the Globally Extreme HumidArea, Cherrapunji Region, India’, Prace Geograficzne No. 191, IGIPZ, Polska Akademia Nauk, Warsaw.
  • 2005 Syiemlieh,H.J., Cajee,L and Tmar, U.D: Final & Revised Report on Community Forest Management in Khasi Hills, A Case Study of Few Representative Community & Clan Managed Forest” Areas, sponsored by NUJS, Kolkata.
  • 2010 Singh. S & Syiemlieh H.J. :Hourly Weather Statistics of Four Stations of the Central Meghalaya Plateau (July 2008 – Dec 2009), Departmental Monograph
  • 2011 Singh. S & Syiemlieh H.J. : Runoff Processes in Extremely Humid Areas of the Central Meghalaya Plateau, Departmental Research Monograph

Edited books:

  • 2008 Singh, S., Starkel, L. and Syiemlieh, H.J.: Environmental Changes & Geomorphic Hazards, NEHU & Bookwell, New Delhi.
  • 2009 Singh, S., Starkel, L. and Syiemlieh, H.J.: ‘Land Degradation & Ecorestoration in the Extremely Wet Environment of Cherrapunjee, Area INDIA’, Bookwell, New Delhi.