Dr. S. Purkayastha

Designation: Assistant Professor

Geography Department

Joined NEHU on



M.A , Ph.D ( NEHU, Shillong.)

Areas of Interest/Specialization:

Human geography- Population geography, Development studies, North East India


15 years of undergraduate teaching, 14 years of Post graduate teaching, 12 years of Research guidance for M.Phil and Ph.D degree

Research Projects

  1. Minor research project titled Geo- environmental Appraisal of Shillong Urban Agglomeration with special reference to Solid Waste Management funded by ICSSR N. Delhi for a duration of two years
  2. Minor research project titled Role of socio-economic determinants in RCH status – A study of urban poor population of Shillong Meghalaya under UGC/ SAP programme
  3. Minor research project titled Migration of students- A case study of Shillong under UGC SAP programme.


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 Books - articles in books

Title with  page no. Book Title. editor & publisher 
A comparative study on the socio-economic impact of limestone mining by the corporate sector and individual miners in and around Shella, Meghalaya pp Environmental Degradation
Edt. K.R. Sinha&Y.B.Nongrum
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Water isuues in Urban India-A case study of Shillong,Meghalaya Pp417-430 Water crises in the Sub continent Edt. ZahidHussain&L, Cajee
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Population Growth of North East India –A geographical analysis
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Population and Development in North East India  EdtBimal  J. Deb Concept Pub. N.Delhi ISBN
Urbanisation and the streams of Shillong
Rivers and riverine landscape in North East India  Edt. S, Sengupta et al. Concept Pub. N. Delhi ISBN  81-8069-276-0
Survey of solid waste disposal of Shillong with special reference to Shillong
Pp 21-31
A Tribal Town in transition  Edt. S. Sengupta et al Reliance Pub.  House N. Delhi ISBN
Impact of population growth on the present civic amenities within the Shillong Urban agglomeration
,Poverty& Environment Edt. B. Dutta Ray, H.K. Mazahar et al
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Patterns of Urbanisation in North East India
Urbanisation and Development in North East India, Trends & Policy implication
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Water Supply of Shillong: its problems
Dynamics of a tribal Sociaty :A micro study Edt.
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Liberalization and rural livelihood diversification  in Myllium -Mawphlang area of Meghalaya 25 years of economic reforms in North East India  Edt. B. Dhar. S. Sengupta et al.  EBH . Pub. ISBN 978-9388881-12-8

Book - Published- 

  • Rivers and riverine landscape in North East India  , Jointly Edt. S, Sengupta et al. Concept Pub. N. Delhi  


  • Recipient of National Merit Scholarshil from 1987-89,

Phd Awarded/Supervised-  3 awarded, 1 submitted, 3 under supervision at present

Administrative responsibilities undertaken:

Teacher -in- charge of various study tour and field trips undertaken by the department, Examination, in charge for semester exams, Member of disciplinary committee, admission committee, purchase  committee , etc of the department, Member of Board of studies of Sociology ,Botany and Geography, Member of School of Human and Environmental Studies,  Member of Placement committee of NEHU.

Papers presented in Conferences/Seminars-

Sl. No Title of the Paper Presented / Invited Lectures 
Title of the Conference/ Seminar Organized by International/National/State/Regional/ College or University leve
1 Potential for special tourism in Dzongu, Sikkim, India 33rd International geographical congress IGC organising committee, Geographical Society of China,  International
2 Hydro-power Development and the Lepchas, a case study of the Dzongu in Sikkim East West Cross Roads
ICAS Macau International
3 Medical waste and Health Hazard International Convention of Asian Scholars 8 ICAS Beijing International
4  Impact of Self Help Groups in Empowering the Rajbanshi Women in Northern Districts of West Bengal  Environment and Sustainable Development XXIX Biennial con. of NEIGS cum XI IGU commission seminar International
3 State green mission;a unique and innovative programme 4th international congress of environmental research JERD, SVNIT Gujarat Pollution Control  Board , Surat International
4 Urban growth and solid waste management- A case study of Shillong, Meghalaya 4th international congress of environmental research JERD, SVNIT Gujarat Pollution Control  Board , Surat International
5 Urban growth and stream pollution- A case study of Shillong Resources, Environment and Development of the Indian Himalayas:Isuues and strategies for sustainable development Department of Geography HNB Garwal University, Srinagar  
6 Rubber plantation and sustainable livelihood in Dhalai district of Tripura Rural habitat, Institutions and Development: Changing nature and challanges 48th Regional science conference
Tripura Univ.
7 Eco-cultural tourism and sustainable development_ A case study of Meghalaya Int. conference on climate change mitigation and technologies for adaptation UTM  & Synod College Shillong International
8 Cross Border Tourism and India's North East Cross border connectivity and inclusive growth- possibilities and challanges with special ref. to NE Region NEC, Govt of Meghalaya & ICSSR N. Delhi International
9  Tourism Industry as an alternative strategy for sustainable management of natural resources in Meghalaya , India Environment and civil society : Issues, Problems and remedies S. B. Deeorah College  guwahati National
10  Limestone Mining issues in Shella Burning environmental issues: Risk to biodiversity and Human health with special reference to NE India St. Mary's College Shillong National
11 The Distribution of the Kuki and Naga settlements in relation to forests in Kangpokpi District, Manipur Society and environment in Manipur: climate change perspectives  Kuki Research Forum , India, Mynmar and Bangladesh National
12 Sacred Groves and biodiversity conservation in Megalaya  Status of Bio-diversity in India: Conservation and Social Relevance with reference to NE India  UGC ,NEC &ICCSSR - North eastern region
Don Bosco college Tura

Any other-

M.Phil awarded - 8 nos. , Delivered invited lectures in Refresher courses, Seminars. Radio talks, Summer schools course  for American student, exchange programme of Wooster College, Ohio USA  etc.