Dr. E. K. Rymmai

Designation: Assistant Professor

Department of Chemistry Department


  • M.Sc. North-Eastern Hill University, Shillong
  • Ph.D. North-Eastern Hill University, Shillong

Administrative responsibilities undertaken:

  • Member, Board of Under Graduate Studies in Chemistry, NEHU
  • Member, Board of Post Graduate Studies in Chemistry, NEHU
  • Member, School Board of Physical Sciences, NEHU
  • Member, Board of Studies in Chemistry, NEHU
  • Member, Board of Studies in Botany, NEHU

Area of Research:

  • Inorganic Chemistry: Scorpionate and Half Sandwich Metal Chemistry.

Doctoral Students:

  • Completed: 2, Ongoing: 1

MSc. Project Students Supervised: 30


  • “Pyrazole cleavage of tris(3,5-dimethylpyrazolyl)borate with Ruthenium(II) complexes: Synthesis, structural characterization and DFT studies”.Journal of Molecular Structure.,1133 (2017) 264-270. Donkupar Kharbani, Debojit Kumar Deb, Ibaniewkor L. Mawnai, Sunshine D. Kurbah, BiplabSarkar, and E. K. Rymmai*.
  • “Crystal structures of Ru(II) complexes with pyrazole and pyrazolate          derivatives of tris(3,5-dimethylpyrazolyl)borohydride”.Journal of Structural chemistry.,59 (2018) 1186-1191. Donkupar Kharbani, Sunshine D. Kurbah and E. K. Rymmai*.
  • “Uncoordination mode of ?0-Janus scorpionatewith La(III) and Ce(III) Complexes: Synthesis, characterization, thermolysis and crystal structure determination”.Journal of Molecular Structure., 1176 (2019) 128-132.Donkupar Kharbani, Snehadrinarayan Khatua, Charlestine Soh and E. K.             Rymmai*.
  • Synthesis and Characterization of [(Cp*)Ru(PPh3)(N-base)]X and [(η5-C9H7)Ru(PPh3)(N-base)] complexes: Crystal and molecular structures. Polyhedron 307-312, 22, (2003). K. M. Rao* and E. K. Rymmai.
  • Reactions of [(Ar)Ru(PPh3)2(CH3CN)]X (Ar=Cp* and indenyl) with terpyridines, Indian J. of Chemistry 1892-1895, 42A, (2003). K. M. Rao* and E. K. Rymmai.
  • Synthesis of Cyano-bridged bimetallic complexes of η5-indenyl Ru(II): Characterisation and spectroscopic studies. Proc. Indian Acad. Sci. 29-33, 113, (2001). K. M. Rao* and E. K. Rymmai