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Name Department Contact Email
B. Das
(Assistant Professor)
Statistics Department (O)272 2909 bhanitadas83@gmail.com
B. Deb Nath
(Assistant Professor)
Management Department (Tura) (M)9485127950 bimal.dn@gmail.com
B. Keshan
Zoology Department (O)272 2342
(R)2726342 (M)9436349361
B. Mathew
(Assistant Professor)
Rural Development and Agricultural Production (O)272 03651-221407 (M)8787331704 drbmathew@gmail.com
B. Panda
Sociology Department (O)272 3049 (M)9436307619 biswamberp@yahoo.com
B. Pohlong
(Assistant Professor)
Philosophy Department (O)272 3553 (M)9436107048 bpohlong@yahoo.com
B. Roy
Zoology Department (O)272 2331 (M)9436119798 bishnuroy12@rediffmail.com
B. Sarkar
(Assistant Professor)
Chemistry Department (O)272 2640 (M)9436156385 biplabs@nehu.ac.in
B. War
Khasi Department (O)272 3303 (M)9863063750 bwar57@yahoo.co.in
B. B. P. Gupta
Zoology Department (O)272 2316
(R)2726316 (M)9436100185
B. C. Das
Education Department, Tura Campus (M)9856060097 dasbishnucharan@gmail.com
B. K. Gupt
(Associate Professor)
Statistics Department (O)272 2906 bkgupt@yahoo.co.in
B. M. Jyrwa
Physics Department (O)272 2830 (M)9863082703 bjyrwa@gmail.com
B. P. Sahu
Adult and Continuing Education Department (O)272 3328 (M)9485106057 bishnusw@gmail.com
B. P. Tripathi
(Associate Professor)
Hindi Department (O)272 3519
(R)2726520 (M)9774125265
B. S. Mipun
Geography Department (O)272 3206
(R)2726206 (M)9436102075
B. T. Langstieh
(Associate Professor)
Anthropology Department (O)272 3111
(R)2722537667 (M)9863063038
B.K. Mishra
(Assistant Professor)
Rural Development and Agricultural Production (O)272 03651-221407 (M)9436306259 birendramishra14@gmail.com
Banbhalang Swer
(Assistant Professor)
Architecture Department (O)272 4103 (M)8794741771 banbha13@gmail.com
Bandarilin Bairo
(Assistant Professor)
Khasi Department (O)272 3308 (M)9856003106 vairo79@yahoo.co.in
Barath N
(Assistant Professor)
Journalism and Mass Communication (O)272 3404 (M)9612083363 barathwillbe@gmail.com
Barika Khyriem
(Assistant Professor)
Linguistics Department (O)272 3313 (M)9436311474 barikhyriem@yahoo.com
Bedanta Kalita
Cultural & Creative Studies Department (O)272 3375 bedantanehu@gmail.com
Bekington Myrboh
Chemistry Department (O)272 2612 (M)9863021710 bmyrboh@nehu.ac.in
Benjamin F. Lyngdoh
(Assistant Professor)
Tourism and Hotel Management Department (O)272 3445 (M)9436704158 benjamin21in@yahoo.co.in
Bhagirathi Panda
Economics Department (O)272 3184 (M)9436117613 bhagirathi2@yahoo.co.in
Bidyadhar Das
(Assistant Professor)
Zoology Department (O)272 2346 (M)9436101698 dasbidyadhar@nehu.ac.in
Bijoy L. Dhanwar
(Assistant Professor)
Linguistics Department (O)272 3316 (M)961254269 bijoy38@gmail.com
Bikika Laloo
Library & Information Science department (O)272 3149 (M)8416076564 bikitariang@gmail.com
Binayak Dutta
(Assistant Professor)
History Department (O)272 3005 (M)9435739471 binayakdutta18@gmail.com
Biswajit Mohapatra
(Associate Professor)
Political Science Department (O)272 3033
(R)2726033 (M)9436334734
biswajitm_1@hotmail.com, biswajitm1@gmail.com
Biswambhara Mishra
Economics Department (O)272 3178
(R)2726178 (M)9436101398
Brinda Bazeley Kharbirymbai
(Associate Professor)
Education Department (O)272 3349 (M)9436110789 brindabazeley@gmail.com
Bubu Bhuyan
(Associate Professor)
Information Technology Department (O)272 3616 (M)9612872880 bbhuyan@nehu.ac.in